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Shapes in Math and Science

This Prezi will allow students to view the different ways shapes can be used in math and science. Whether the shapes are in a pattern or in the classroom students will be able to break down what they see and learn and relate it to a shape.

Nikki Staples

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Shapes in Math and Science

and the world around us This leaf is the
shape of a heart Hearts can take on
many other shapes
in nature such as... Strawberries and rocks! Shapes can also be
found within a shape. Students can learn geometry by learning shapes and how to connect them with math problems. Triangles can take on
shapes in nature as well. These trees covered
with snow are a
perfect example. Students can learn symmetry and shapes that are 3 dimensional in math class... Patterns are great for younger
students to learn about different
colors and shapes while
making them into a pattern. Circles look like: the WORLD! flowers & Teachers can make classrooms more
exciting by adding decorations such as
this square carpet.
Also by hanging posters on the wall students
are more engaged when learning about
different colors or shapes.
Students can relate shapes to things
they see in the classroom. Basic information about shapes such as number of sides, length of the sides, or whether the shape has corners.will help students learn about them better. Having students create projects involving
shapes will help them connect
shapes with every day life. and also about radius,
diameter, and
arc of a circle. Funny jokes can also
be made about shapes. Shapes are great for learning at any age. Science nature projects and math problems are great for incorporating shapes into the world around us. Teachers and students both can have fun creating new ideas about shapes and ways to use them in math, science, and the world around us.
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