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Animal Sciences

No description

Alyssa Volland

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences
Companion Animals
The Basics
Companion animal research is meant to serve many different purposes for animals and humans

Veterinary Medicine:
Presented by:
Alyssa Volland
Katherine Moss
Stephany Lopez
Naomi Guzman

Undergraduate Advising:
Lauren Redman in ASL 188
Department Head:
Dr. Parrett is ASL 184
The Main Office is located in the Animal Science Laboratory on Gregory Street
Morrow Plots
Dogs can survive on a vegetarian diet, but cats cannot.
Estimated to be 43 million dogs, 37 million cats, 6 million birds, and 29 million other animals living in homes across the country.
For example:
Epilepsy Research,
Psychology Research, and other Human Research
Animal Trainer:
Animal Behaviorist:
Thanks for listening!
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