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The shoes

No description

Eliana Carolina Salinas Uribe

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of The shoes

The Shoes ..... There evidence who us teach who teh history of shoe.Begins from of year 10.000 BC end of Paleolithic period. In the hypogea found paintings who represented the various states for the preparation of leather and of the footwear In the period of the egyptians used sandals made of straw,papyrus , fiber of palm. In the Mesopotamia were common the shoes of leather crude,tied the feet of same material The greeks came to launch a new fashion,consisted in have different shoes for foot left and right . In the roma the footwear indicated the social class In the middle Ages the men and the woman used shoes of leather open The first reference known of the manufacture of footwear in England in 1642 When Tomas Penddton project 4000 pairs of shoes and 600 pairs of boots for the army In the century XIX begin appear the machines for auxiliary in the confession of the footwear In the century XX large changes happen :
Change of leather by rubber
materials synthetics for footwear chidren and female Now the shoes is prepared for each conditioning physical of ground Type of Shoes ... Shoes Male Shoes of Works Shoes Sports Shoes of daily Shoes Orthopedic Shoes Femenine Mules Taco Dancers Boots Shoes Sports Shoes of dance Shoes Orthopedic Thanks Learner make shoes !!!
effects of using high heels
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