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How SaaS can Fuel Platform-Based Business Model

Prepared for Colin Tenwick, CEO of Livebookings, presenting at the World Cloud Computing Forum 2011.

Magnus Hultberg

on 29 September 2011

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Transcript of How SaaS can Fuel Platform-Based Business Model

How SaaS can Fuel Platform-Based Business Models Cloud computing Colin Tenwick,
CEO Livebookings 9,000 1 300 1 million+ 23 Online reservation and guest management service for restaurants
Founded in 2006
150 employees with offices in UK, Germany, France, Spain, Scandinavia, USA
Headquartered in London, UK diners seated monthly in restaurants signed up, best-in-class website partners countries pan-European restaurant booking website: Bookatable.com 500,000 14 million World's largest perishable market 50,000 200,000 250,000 fine dining taking reservations casual dining taking reservations fast casual with special offers searches for "restaurants" every month 80% 62% 45% of diners then want to book online of smartphone users made a purchase using their phone within the last 6 months of diners search for restaurant coupons online 25% of restaurant reservations made via mobile by 2012 Diners Restaurants "Cloud computing can help restaurants" “2,000 restaurants move to cloud computing with Livebookings” “Restaurants look to the cloud to improve service” “2,000 restaurants make reservations in the Cloud” "The HUB" Pocket Diner
restaurant mobile websites Software
Microsoft stable of products
Front-end (ASP.NET), database (SQL Server) and back-end (C#)

Development technology
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Hardware
Barracuda high-end load balancers
HP servers
Windows O/S
Logically separated functionality Our approach:

Evolutionary Challenges:

Centralising functionality from disparate systems
Configuration management
Migrating users without interruption
QA and release management
Commercial challenges (license vs. subscription)
Commissioning of sales channels
Customer makes decision every day PizzaExpress' goals:

Introduce a bookings culture
Collect diner data
Increase revenue 385 sites in UK and Ireland
Part of the largest casual chain operator in the UK: Gondola Holdings (operate 600 sites including PizzaExpress, Zizzi and ASK) Solution Overview Some Industry Facts About Livebookings Case Study 4 weeks consultation and planning
385 sites fully trained and rolled out over 4 weeks
Integrated with EPOS systems
Over 10,000 covers every month The roll out: “The smoothest roll out of any systems that we have put in place.” Maria Melloni
Training Manager, PizzaExpress Our industry would not exist without the cloud! Key considerations when rolling out a Saas platform: Compelling platform
Build for scalability
Capacity planning for demand spikes
On-going performance testing
Daytime and downtime roll outs
Sales and marketing impact
Communication is key www.livebookings.net
twitter.com/Livebookings Colin Tenwick, CEO Thank you for listening!
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