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Body Image and Media Literacy

No description

Kendall Reid-Webster

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Body Image and Media Literacy

Number off and get in groups of 4 or 5
Each group gets a variety of ads
Find an image from the magazine that represents beauty ideals
Take turns discussing each example in your small group
What is the advertiser trying to sell?
What does the advertiser communicate with this ad?
Does the ad really represent the product? Do you have a sense of what the product does?
What kind of strategy is being used? Do any of the theories we discussed apply?
Choose a "reporter" for your small group to give a summary of your groups discussion to the whole class.
Body Image & The Media
a person's perception of his or her own physical appearance
the media's perception
Let's go back in time...
Venus: God of Love and Beauty
Entertainment Icons
Elizabeth Taylor
Elvis Presley
Marilyn Monroe
20 years ago the average model weighed 8% less
than the average woman - today's models weigh 23% less. (Kilbourne, J. 2007)
The Media & Advertising
What do these pictures convey to women?
What do these pictures convey to men?
Defintion: To present or regard as an object
As a result, this object becomes something impersonal, a tool that you can own and use for your own wishes.
Sexual Objectification: when a woman or man is reduced to becoming an instrument of sexual pleasure.
Deal or no deal women
Sexualized images of women in music videos
College girls in "girls gone wild"
Alcohol advertisements
Negative Impact of Sexual objectification
Violent crimes and acts against humanity, in particular sexual violence.
Eating disorders and negative self image
Pressure on younger women to dress and behave more sexually.
Media Theories
Magic Bullet Theory or Hypodermic Needle Theory
This is the idea that mass media has a "direct immediate and powerful effect on their audience - that they are easily influenced by mass media messages."
Gatekeeper Theory
"The organizational role of the gatekeeper is to monitor incoming information for its news content; to eliminate those items which are not newsworthy, are irrelevant to the audience, or were already covered; and to submit newsworthy items to the news editor for final consideration."
Illusions of Perfection
If I could just lose 5 pounds, I would be happy.
"I don't understand why she isn't happy...she is so beautiful."
Do these jeans make my butt look big?
"I can't talk to that girl-she's way too pretty for me."
"Do I look fat in this?"
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