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Nathaniel Hawthorne

Presentation on Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sharpened San_Meg

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne By: Erin Dickert, Santoshi Kandula, and Ravina Sashti Nathaniel Hawthorne July 4, 1804 - May 19, 1864 Style of Writing -Dark Romanticism Period
-Moral Messages
-Psychological Complexity
-Puritan inspiration The Ambitious Guest First Published: 1835
Time of Work: The early 1800’s
Setting: Notch of the White Hills, Massachusetts
Characters: The Ambitious Guest, Mother, Father, Eldest daughter, Aged grandmother, Younger children Exposition - The "Ambitious" Guest arrives in the cabin and stays over night
-He talks about his dreams and accomplishments
-This interests the family very much Rising Action Summary Climax - That night, the family is startled by a sound of another avalanche
-They run outside, eager to see it and get killed The Birthmark First Published: 1843
Time of Work: late 1700's
Setting: Aylmer and Georgiana's house/ lab and study
Characters: Aylmer, Georgiana. and Aminadab Summary Exposition:
-Aylmer marries Georgiana
-He asks if she would remove her birthmark
-Dreams of removing it Rising Action -They go to the lab
-Georgiana faints
-Experiments already in progress Climax -Georgiana takes the potion
-She falls asleep
-Mark fades
-Georgiana dies How do all of these stories connect? DEATH Gloomy Connection to Author -He wrote in the time of Dark Romanticism
-Most of his stories involve death or a gloomy atmosphere
-There is also a feeling of mystery in his work Further Reading Minister's Black Veil The Birthmark - Young Goodman Brown
- The Scarlet Letter
- The Bet (hmmm... now where have we heard that before?)
-The Vision of the fountain -A small family is chatting around a fireplace
-They live in the White Mountains, in a cabin
-Startled by Rockslides The Minister's Black Veil First Published: 1835
Time Period: 1800's
Setting: A Puritan Town in New England
Characters: Mr. Hooper, Elizabeth, the Reverend Exposition:
Mr. Hooper is introduced as a minister Rising Action:
-People in the town start to become curious as to why Mr. Hooper is wearing the veil
-He does not give them a clear answer Climax/Resolution:
-Mr. Hooper dies a veiled corpse.
-Why exactly he wore the veil was never presented in the story DARK and MYSTERIOUS Works Cited:

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