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Reconstruction - SOL Review

US History I

Ms. Phelan

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Reconstruction - SOL Review

The Civil War The South wanted: What was
Reconstruction? How would YOU rebuild the South after the Civil War? Lincoln's Plan Johnson's Plan Radical
Republicans Plan similar to Lincoln's plan The Politics.. The Good and the Bad of Post War South The 13th Amendment 15th Amendment Problems burned African American schools and homes and attacked blacks for trying to vote Resistance Southern whites resented the new state governments
resented new rights given to African Americans KKK Goals were to destroy equality and prevent African Americans from exercising right to vote Support Fades breakdown of Republican unity made it hard for Radicals to impose Reconstruction Plan Election of 1876- Hayes v. Tilden Southern Democrats accepted Hayes if federal troops withdraw from south Reconstruction ends without progress in battle against discrimination but 13,14, 15 amendments remain Forgive the South, except high-ranking Confederate political and military officers Radical Republicans didn’t like this plan took an oath to support the Constitution
AND the end of slavery after 10% of voters took the oath in a state: make a new state government . recognized by the US & President Pardoned all Southerners if they take the oath but didn’t allow military leaders and wealthy to be pardoned take back secession ordinances (want to come back) To reenter Union states had to: ratify 13th amendment Congressional Plan and Military Reconstruction Act Freedman’s Bureau Act (1866): extended the wartime bureau & helped freed slaves find food, clothing, shelter, jobs and founded schools The Civil Right Act of 1866: states cannot discriminate against African Americans 14th Amendment: Military Reconstruction Act: all southern states divided into 5 military districts with governor & troops states had to guarantee rights to African Americans & ratify 14th Amendment to reenter the Union Review to preserve their way of life- slavery leave the Union & form own country The North wanted: to end slavery preserve the Union Consequences of the Civil War We all know the North won, but what happened to the South? The period of US History where the US worked to restore the Southern States to the Union. of Reconstruction THE SOUTH IF THEY African Americans became citizens Bans slavery in the United States and any of its territories Ensures all citizens the right to vote regardless of race or color THE CONGRESSIONAL
SEAL Freedman's Bureau was established to aid former slaves and poor white southerners in the South Southerns resented Northern carpetbaggers who took advantage of the South during Reconstruction. Southern states adopted Black Codes to limit the economic $$ and physical freedom of former slaves The North had to figure out a way to put the North and South back together as one country. This was the era = RECONSTRUCTION Lincoln's Plan = THE 10% PLAN This is the plan we used! 14th Amendment Grants citizenship to all persons born in the United States and any of its territories ......only applied to MEN Jim Crow Laws were passed to segregate African Americans, made discrimination legal in many states. DISCRIMINATION Plessy v. Ferguson court case made "seperate but equal" legal. But was it really equal? Lincoln believed preserving the Union was more important than puishing the South Robert E. Lee Southern General = urged the Southerners to reunite with the North when some wanted to keep fighting. Became president of Washington College
- now it's called Washington & Lee University Booker T. Washington W.E.B. DuBois Believed in full political, civil and social rights for African Americans

Helped found the NAACP Fredrick Douglass Fought for the adoption of
constitutional amendments that guarantee voting rights Was a powerful voice for human rights
and civil liberties for all. Believed equality could be achieved through vocational education: accepted social segregation Booker T. Washington US RECONSTRUCTION

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