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The discovery and exploration of the Americas

Carrie Butts

on 19 August 2011

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Transcript of Exploration

"Images Provided by Classroom Clipart" Cabeza De Vaca De Soto Coronado Sir Walter Raleigh Champlain Hudson Marquette FRENCH SPANISH ENGLISH La Salle Reasons: God, Gold, Glory Reason: Northwest Passage
(Never found!) Reason: Gold , resources and settlements Created problems with Natives,
brought diseases that killed tribes.
Introduced horses and other new items. Integrated into Native tribes
and began fur trading. Made
lots of money doing this. No gold, but TOBACCO which made the king money.
Periods of peace and war with natives. landed on island off of Texas and taken by Indians. He spent 8 years and learned more than any Spaniard had about the natives. He became more Indian than Spaniard. They had heard rumors that Spanish survivors up the coast were eating their dead. This was interesting since they labeled all natives as cannibals which were uncivilized landed in Tampa Bay, FL in 1539. Brought attack dogs and razorback hogs for mobile food. Found Indian villages, took captives to guide and carry luggage, and gave new diseases like small pox, bubonic plague, scarlet fever, cholera and measles. Once when he was attacked by a large group of Indians, he beat them back and the natives jumped into ponds. He set guards around the ponds and waited for them to come out. They killed most of them. - led by a con man named “the Turk” Coronado followed him on a wild goose chase through the south looking for gold. They saw Buffalos on the Great Plains and were the first to hunt them on horseback. Natives had to ambush them at watering holes. Tired of following the lying Turk, Coronado had him strangled in his sleep. France had also landed in Florida not far from the Spanish. This caused great concern because the French could pick off Spanish ships full of supplies and treasure. The French were not Catholic and this allowed retaliation due to a religious crusade. This began the power struggle that would continue until the end of the French and Indian War. Spain began sending colonists, not just explorers to establish settlements. The French would fall to the Spaniards in Florida. Roanoke- first group landed in 1585 and left after a year. 2nd group came in 1587 led by John White. He went back to England to gather more supplies. He took longer than expected and when he returned there was no one left. Became known as the “Lost Colony”. Not sure what happened, most think they moved to another location but in 1650 fair haired-blue eyed Indians with the same last names as settlers were seen. 1603 began exploring between Canada and France. 32 years of exploring crossed Atlantic 29 times. 1605 sailed down Main coast and saw Boston, Plymouth and Cape Cod but Indian villages kept him from landing. These Indians would die out from an epidemic before Pilgrims come in 1620 allowing them to land. Lake Champlain is named after his explorations in the area. Came within 120 miles of Hudson’s exploration. He discovered the Great Lakes and how they connect. This gave France a system of transportation into the heartland. They eventually figured out how to travel from Quebec to New Orleans on the water. However, waterways were meant for travel, not settlement and this would hurt them when they went to battle for North America. Netherlands 1609 Dutch East India Co. hired him to look for Arctic Ocean route to Asia. He hit ice packs and crew mutinied. Instead of going home he went to look for the Northwest Passage. Found Hudson River. Frenchman had begun exploring the Mississippi River from the north. He had reached the Arkansas and turned back. made it to the gulf 9 years later. In 1666 he came to Canada at 23. He was told of the Mississippi river by local Indians. He was looking for a route to India. PORTUGAL Prince Henry sponsored exploration outside
of the familiar Meditteranean Sea.
Began a school for sailors. da Gama Sailed around the tip of
Africa to India Columbus Sailed west to reach India.
Landed in the Caribbean, never
found India even though he
thought he had. Began the
Columbian Exchange. Cortes Conquered the Aztecs
by pretending he was a god Earliest exploration began here. The sailors stayed close to the coast and started sailing down
the coast of Africa. Pizarro Conquered the Incas
in Peru. Magellan Sailed around
the world. Not
quite!! Balboa
First to see Pacific Ocean
crossed the Isthmus of Panama www.unitedstreaming.com Exploration
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