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Create an Interface with Job Seekers

No description

Geeta Verma

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Create an Interface with Job Seekers

How to attract the most suitable job seekers?
Hire high end HR agency
Nurture an institution as a source of HR
Use Social Media sites to profile and advertise
Advertise on internet job sites (free)
Hire local HR

Establish an
HR wing in
the company
Organize job
skills competitions
Host free online
interactive job
skills tests for
job seekers
blog sites
Advertise on internet job sites (paid)
Advertise in local print media / dailies
Launch high profile media campaign to highlight achievements
understand own brand value and strength as employer
Make short films on an employee's journey
Advertise at popular hangouts, coffee shops etc
Disseminate films about company
attractive company brochures and leaflets
Regular advocacy events open seminars etc
Partner with universities to host talent competitions
Sponsor employees to courses in good schools
Regular interactive seminar, discussion forums in university / B-school
Plan and adopt several institutions over a five year period to source HR needs
Liaise and maintain a relationship with relevant teaching staff in university
Participate in Job fairs
Liaise with student councils/ welfare bodies
Maintain regular relationship with student alumni bodies
Orient job counsellors
Flexible internship programs
Create brand value for job seekers ( low cost solutions)
Organize open fun events for job seekers e.g. picnics annually
Employees nurtured as brand ambassadors
Create brand value for job seekers ( high end solutions)
Create job seekers internet portal
Release news articles regularly in popular dailies and periodicals
Form a consortium with like minded agencies and to hold joint events
problem Statement
Anupam, a dedicated, multiskilled, motivated entrepreneur needs ways to create an interface with job seekers because he would like to attract the best fit to suit his needs

join adventure trips, treks etc that attract smart younsters
visit gyms and parks favoured by the young set and dialogue informally with some
Find out favourite haunts of
job seekers and catch them there with informal discussions
In the adopted institution/ institutions find out favourite mentors
Start a column for solving problems of job seekers
Host quiz shows for the unemployed
Formative research to find out what makes today's job seekers tick
Reach out to neighbourhood youth groups
If you come across really smart candidates reach them on social media to find their friends to reach others of the same type
Combine leisure activities with informal talent search
Plan time and resources to study and understand youth
Initiate discussions
on sites like
Linked in
Best option
Intiate discussion forum on sites like Linked in

More than hiring the right people Anupam's concern is to have an interface to be able to interact with and be in touch with people seeking work.
This idea will help Anupam to start a dialogue with job seekers, it will help him to get a pulse of the market and also to understand the other side of the story. As this interface develops it will help him to adjust his needs both for the project in hand as well as the market options. In fact even when he is planning projects he will have a better sense of the available resources and this can help him to come up with realistic plans and expectations.
Bad Option
Launcha high profile campaign highlighting the comany's achievements
This idea is bad because it is expensive and it does not address teh primary need that is to create an interface with job seekers. it may help to attract applications and generate interest in the company.
One way to improve on this will be to use this platform to advertise the internet based activities, or blogs. It might be used creatively around annual informal events that can be held in public places, will attract job seekers and help Anupam to interact with many such persons.
Ridiculous idea-
hosting a picnic for job seekers
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