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Media Ownership

MCD6020 Media and Culture - Oral Presentation

Anugerah Agungputranto

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Media Ownership

Cross-production Media Ownership the economic sense Why do these companies have to be so big? Cross-promotion Leverage over Advertisers Reliance on Blockbuster SYNERGY Disney releases a new movie Freely promote on Disney's other channels Books Soundtracks Procter & Gamble and Viacom Plus made a deal on May 2001

Encompasses marketing initiatives for P&G brands across 12 Viacom television properties. Lilo & Stitch Successful movie production

Continues to be shown as a regular TV or Cable show Creating TV shows is a very risky factor

Possibility of a flop, leading to huge losses

Successful blockbuster movies create enormous revenues

Able to cover other losses, and still make profit How did these conglomerates get this big? Government deregulation

Companies are now able to merge, where it used to be illegal

Raises competitiveness, leading to higher productivity

New technologies also made merging easier de-regy `laSH n | noun.

the removal of regulations or restrictions from :something: e e McChesney, R, W. (2005) 'The Emerging Struggle for a Free Press' Logical pressure of Capitalism

According to McChesney, Capitalism is less of being competitive than smashing the competition itself

Less direct competition is better

To do this, growing bigger and bigger is the most effective way in avoiding competitions head on McChesney, R, W. (2005) 'The Emerging Struggle for a Free Press'
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