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Unit 2: 02_TinkerCAD_Submitting Assignments

No description

Jonathan Rothman

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Unit 2: 02_TinkerCAD_Submitting Assignments

Unit 1: Modeling with Primitives 2
Learning Objective
: YWBAT describe ways of navigating in 3D space.

Essential Question
: How does navigation help us design in 3D?
Today's Activity - continue working in TinkerCAD
Part 1 - save an object as an STL file an submit using our brand new ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM
Part 2 - complete 2 tutorials
"Camera Controls" & "Copy, Scale, & Paste"
Part 3 - free design. Explore & tinker around. Save what you create and submit it via the online submission form.
Do Now: In your groups list as many ways to navigate in TinkerCAD as you can remember from yesterday.
Tonight's Homework: Research one TinkerCAD shortcut and be prepared to present what you learn to the class (shortcut, what it is used for, a brief demonstration showing how useful the shortcut can be).
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