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Tops and Bottoms

No description

Cassie Harbison

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Tops and Bottoms

Reading 2
Pre-reading 1
Whole Class
Pre-reading 2
Mini Lesson 2: Main Idea/Retelling Story
Responding 1
RL2.2: Recount stories, including fables & folktales from diverse cultures, & determine their central message, lesson, or moral.
Applying 2
Small Groups
I will divide the class into 4 small groups. Each group will be assigned a section of Tops and Bottoms and given 2 note cards. On each note card, they will illustrate a main event or something of importance from their assigned section, then we will hang the cards sequentially on a clothesline.
Mini Lesson 1: Character Traits
RL 2.7: Use information gained from illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.
Tops and Bottoms
Literature Focus Unit

We will construct a "What grows where?" chart to assess student's prior knowledge of where vegetables grow, which is discussed in the book.
Students will independently fill out the 'before reading' column of their anticipation guide for Tops and Bottoms.
Reading 1
Whole Class
We will read Tops and Bottoms by "Shared Reading"
Students will partner read Tops and Bottoms.
Students will answer a few questions of their choice in their "Reader Response Journals"
Responding 2
Small Groups
We will go back to our anticipation guides and fill out the "after reading" portion.
Applying 1
Students will partner up and write an alternate ending to Tops and Bottoms.
Second Grade
Cassie Harbison

Students will retell the story and identify the central message/main idea by using a foldable graphic organizer
Materials and Equipment
Tops and Bottoms (Janet Stevens)
Graphic Organizer sheets
Chart Paper
Main Idea Web
Anticipatory Set/Introduction
I will bring a mystery box with an ear of corn, a carrot, and a stalk of celery. Each vegetable grows in either the tops, bottoms, or middles of a garden.

"Based on these items, what do you think the main idea of the story will be? Make a prediction, then we will come back to them after we read."
"I know that your class has been working on finding the main idea, can someone tell me what the main idea is and how you would find it?"
After someone tells me the main idea, I'll reinforce the ideas again (a main idea is... You identify it by...).

I will show them an already completely main idea web and walk them through it to model how you find the main idea.
Guided Practice
Next I will hand out a copy of "The Tortoise and the Hare". We will read it together then fill out a Story Map.
Guided Practice cont...
After we complete the story map, the kids will trace their hands on a sheet of paper and complete a five finger retell of The Tortoise and the Hare.
Independent Practice
I will give each student a foldable graphic organizer that they will cut and then fill out the main idea and the beginning middle and end sections of Tops and Bottoms.
"Today we have practiced more on finding the main idea and retelling a story. These are both skills that you will use in every subject in school as you continue to read more and more informational texts."
Students will describe a character from Tops and Bottoms in a character review by using at least 2 character traits correctly.
Materials and Equipment
Construction Paper
White paper
Chart Paper
Spotlight Worksheets
Character Review Worksheets
Anticipatory Set/Introduction
Students will make character trait rainbows, using trait words that they think describe themselves.
Instructional Procedures
We will discuss what they already know about character traits and why we identify character traits.
After making and discussing this character anchor chart we will brainstorm a list of character traits. I will also suggest some important additions of traits from a pre-made list.
Guided Practice
To practice character traits, students will complete a character trait spotlight sheet. After completing the sheet, we will answer the same questions verbally about a few more traits.
Independent Practice
Like a book review, students will choose a main character from Tops and Bottoms to do a character review for. They will write why they did/didn't like the character using their trait words.
Students will be assessed by their correct usage of at least 2 character traits in their character review.
"Today we have learned how to identify traits of characters correctly and why we identify character traits. You will use traits as you continue to read books with more characters and also in your daily life as you make new friends."
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