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the hero's journey

No description

erin hockenberry

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of the hero's journey

Joe's journey 1. The ordinary world 5. The first threshold 6. The character goes through tests,gains allies and makes enemies 7. The character enters the second threshold 8. character endures a great ordeal 10. character begins the journey home 2. Call to adventure Joe lamb's life starts to turn when his mother died in a factory accident. However it returns to normal when Charles (his best friend) tallies together Alice, Martin, Carey and Preston to make a short film for a festival. As they film the scene of the train roaring past the station, Joe sees a white truck turning onto the tracks. The truck hits the train, causing a destruction (and explosive) outbreak of the carts. The group runs for cover, and luckily survive the crash. Joe hears something smashing one of the derailed train cars right before the door is popped off.
Because of the "wild fire" spreading into town, residents are forced to evacuate, realizing that Allice was taken by the creature, Joe decides to go back to save her. Carey, Martin and Charles choose to accompany him but they gain an allies (Donny) who can drive them to town. They face a couple difficulties trying to get out but eventually reach Lillian. (the small town in which the movie takes place) Walking through the wreckage, they come across some alien like white cubes (Joe puts one in his pocket). They find the remains of the truck. Inside, they discover the body of a local science teacher, Dr. Woodward. Joe removes a map from the doctor's hand . Everyone is stunned when he starts talking to them. Pulling a revolver, he threatens them and tells them that they are not to tell anyone what they saw. The next day they all met at a restaurant and discussed what had happened, joe pulls out the map and notices that there are red lines that were tracking the train route. Most thought that it was a failed suicide attempt but there was still an uncertainty.
The boys are dropped off at the middle school and recover old tapes and records that belonged to Dr. Woodward. they break into the school and while watching the tapes, discover that super 8 is a sub-terranean creature who just wants to get home. they also found out that its ship contained the little white cubes that Joe found at the train crash site. Army men find the boys and put them on a military bus to the base where everyone evacuated to, but the creature stops and attacks the bus, killing the soldiers but the group managed to escape. They all make it back into town but to their suprise, it is a warzone. Martin is injured so Joe and Carey continue to the cemetary where the monster is and as they found the large hole leading to its lair, they climb down. They see all of the missing mechanical parts reported missing as well as people who where strung upside down, they see the sheriff and Alice but first they must encounter the monster. Joe starts to get Alice and the sheriff down as Carey distracts super 8 with fireworks. The creature takes back the sheriff and now it is just the three of them. Joe is brave and comes face to face with it and reasons with it, the monster was acting hostile but then puts Joe down. All three of them escape and return near the water tower. As they do, all sorts of mechanical objects in the area become magnetized to the water tower.Trucks nearby that contained the recovered white cubes burst open, and the cubes begin to form around the edges of the water tower as well.Meanwhile Jackson(Joe's dad) and Louis(Alice's dad)find their children, and both families rejoice as the creature climbss the watertower. As they watch, the locket(his passed mother's necklace) in Joe's pocket attempts to fly away. Joe catches it, and we see what was inside it the whole time: a picture of Joe's Mom and him as a baby. Joe finally 'lets go' of his Mom, and the locket flies up to the magnetized watertower, where the metallic objects and the white cubes form into a spaceship. The creature climbs aboard, as the top of the water tower disappears, raining down on the people below.
Everyone watches as the ship ascends into the sky. As they do, Joe and Alice hold each other's hands.
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