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Theory of Knowledge Introduction -LJA 2011

What is TOK class in the IB?

Amy Burvall

on 24 April 2012

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Transcript of Theory of Knowledge Introduction -LJA 2011

Knower Ways of Knowing Sense Perception
Emotion Reason Language How do I know
what I know? I saw it! I read it! I heard it! I reasoned it! I had a gut-feeling! What
Knowledge? How is it
than... Belief? Information? Wisdom? How is Knowledge... produced? shaped? controlled? changed? What is
"truth"? Do we make reality? or recognize it? How do people
justify knowledge? What are the
implications? Seek truth
at any price? can a
"know"? What are the limits? acquired? Areas
Knowledge How do
relate? How do they
to eachother? "big questions" what is the
of art? are there
values? does science
prove things? can the past
be known? How does Math
beauty? Is there a
"science" to
art? What role does intuition play in science? How are music
and math connected? must pass to get diploma Goal: Inspire
critical thinking
for life Personal
examples from
own life Presentation
internal, 10 min
20 pts Prescribed title
essay, 1200-1600
words, 40 pts sem 3 Sem 1 Sem 2 Summer intro to TOK
Sense Perception
Reason Emotion
AOK Natural
and Human Sciences
AOK History
Presentation I

guided indep. study into
WOK and AOK using
online course tools
Plan Presentation II AOK Arts, Maths,
and Ethics
Presentation II
Essay Prep (due Dec)
Resources guest speakers Mac wiki/blog Social media BOOKS Digi-media films and docs articles "All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own"- Goethe How do we know if
reality is a math structure? What implications do
these claims about math have? “Art is a lie that brings us nearer to the truth” (Pablo Picasso). Evaluate this claim in relation to a specific art form (for example, visual arts, literature, theatre). (Question 8, 2011) Examples from lit you've read: is the narrative fictional but providing insightful truths about human relationships? Consider:
Art as imitation
Art as beauty
Art as communication
Art as an expression of emotion Discuss the roles of reason and language in History, (2011) How can historians claim knowledge of the past? How much of what historians claim to be true is really based on reason? Do historians get emotional when doing history and how does that affect their conclusions? How does language show perspective? ("one man's rebel is another man's freedom-fighter")
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