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Make Lemonade

No description

maya shydlowski

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Make Lemonade

Make Lemonade
Theme: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Jolly took the lemons in her life, lack of education and money, and turned them into lemonade by getting an education.
LaVaughn takes the lemons in her life, the negative odds that she could go to college, and turns it into lemonade by studying hard, doing all her homework, earning money, and being responsible.
Also, Jolly takes the lemons of being a single-mother and being young, and makes them into lemonade by getting child care and trying to start a new life.
Make Lemonade!
Where? This story takes place in a low-income, urban area.
When? This story takes place in the early 90s.
Main Characters
Character Traits:
LaVaughn: hard-working, compassionate, and determined.
Jolly: unreliable, immature, and independent.

By: Virginia Euwer Wolff
LaVaughn is a high school student in a bad neighborhood, looking for a job. She wants to go to college, which is very unusual and very unlikely. Her mom pushes her to do everything she can in order to make it.
Jolly is a seventeen-year-old mother of two who cannot keep her apartment clean, much less keep a job. The fathers to either child have abandoned her, leaving her struggling to survive.
LaVaughn is the only one to respond to the notice of a "BABYSITTER NEEDED BAD" posted by Jolly. LaVaughn works for Jolly in order to raise money for high school. But once Jolly looses her job, LaVaughn doesn't get paid and her mother isn't happy about it. But LaVaughn doesn't give up! She continues to help Jolly and her kids. LaVaughn and her mother clean up Jolly's atrocious apartment, LaVaughn potty-trains Jeremy, and LaVaughn signs up Jolly for a single-mother education center.
Jolly finally gets the help she needs through education, and LaVaughn continues to strive for a college education.
Make Lemonade
Jolly, Jilly, and Jeremy
Jolly is illustrated as independent as she explains her predicament as a single-mother with two children of two different absent fathers. Jolly was also independent when she refused help from LaVaughn's "big mama". Jolly showed showed independence when she refused to try to get help from the fathers of her children, which LaVaughn brought up.
Jolly seemed unreliable once she lost her job, because it was another job, of many, that she had lost. Secondly, Jolly was unreliable because she would come home to her apartment late at night, far after LaVaughn expected her to come back. Lastly, Jolly was unreliable when she stopped paying LaVaughn after she lost her job.
Finally, Jolly could be deemed immature. First because she had Jeremy at such a young age. Secondly becuase she continued to trust her men when she had Jilly. Thirdly because she refused to accept the help from her parents, or even acknowledge that she had any.

LaVaughn was described as hard-working when she stayed at Jolly's apartment all night because Jolly hadn't come home yet. She was seen as even more hard-working because during this time, she also completed all her homework, to stay on top of the job. Thirdly, she was depicted as hard-working as she stayed on top of all her work and classes even with her busy schedule.
As she took the job of babysitter, LaVaughn showed her determination to go to college because she knew that she would have to pay her way in, and would do anything to make it into college. LaVaughn could be seen as determined because she also was determined to improve the two kids' lives; she did this by potty-training Jeremy. LaVaughn was determined in the way that she wanted to help Jolly, which she did even after her mother warned her not to.
Finally, LaVaughn was compassionate. For one thing, she brought hope to Jeremy by planting him a seed and helping him take care of it. Secondly, she brought Jolly to Steam Class, which was an extra class for young adults to keep their lives straightened out. Next, she helped Jolly get an education by setting up an introduction to a single-mother education center, called the Moms-Up Program.

"...She finds this this little teensy bit of old caked, lumpy sugar she had packed away, and she mixes it up with the juice of the lemon and some clean water from the spring they have there, and she makes lemonade..." -Jolly
Quote #1: "You're so perfect what're you doing sitting my brats? You're so highmighty what are you doing even stepping in my door?..." -Jolly
Quote #1: I found this quote interesting because it explained Jolly's difficult situation in life, and the anger and jealousy that can so easily come to her.
I liked this quote because it tells of real life problems that some women face.
"Some people make a bad bed. They just have to lie in it." -LaVaughn's mother
This quote appealed to me because it is a life-lesson quote; it talks about the view of LaVaughn's mother that some people create bad positions for themselves and they have to live with it.
This quote is fantastic because it clearly explains the theme of the novel: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Jolly said this as she was telling LaVaughn about a story she heard in the Moms-Up Program.
Wolff was born in Portland, Oregon on August 25, 1937 . She attended the girls' school St. Helen's Hall and Smith College. She married Arthur Richard Wolff in 1959. They divorced in 1976.
Thank you for watching my Prezi! I hope you enjoyed it!
Presented by: Maya Shydlowski #29
Quote #2
Quote #3
Quote #4
Objective: I can create an explanatory presentation.
Main Events
LaVaughn responds to Jolly's notice for a needed babysitter.
LaVaughn starts her job working for Jolly.
Jolly loses her job because she refused her boss when he was hitting on her.
LaVaughn potty-trains Jeremy.
LaVaughn and her mother clean up jolly's disastrous apartment.
LaVaughn's grades have suddenly dropped, which challenges her goal to go to college.
Jeremy finally gets new shoes.
LaVaughn brings Jolly to Steam Class.
LaVaughn sets up an introduction for the Moms-Up Program for Jolly.
LaVaughn's grades excel back to their average.
Jolly starts the Moms-Up Program.
Jolly got an education
Which leads to a job
LaVaughn studied very hard
So, she had a good chance to go to college
Jolly started a new life.
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