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Harry Houdini

A presentation on Harry Houdini.


on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini Presentation By:
Emma Early Life Harry Houdini, originally named Ehrich Weiss,
was born on March 24, 1874. He was born in Budapest, Hungary. At age 12, Ehrich left home
for Galveston, Texas, but
ended up in Kansas City,
Missouri from taking the
wrong train. This is where he was headed,
Galveston, Texas... Although he ended up here,
Kansas City, Missouri. In his mid- twenties, Ehrich
became a messenger boy,
since telephones were scarce. Surprisingly, messenger boys were paid well. Becoming a Magician Ehrich actually faked his birthplace and date, because he wanted to be a true American. His fake birthday was April 6, 1874. His fake birthplace was Appleton, Wyoming. Ehrich lived in Hungary for 4 years
until his family and him left for Appleton. When deciding on a name,
Ehrich went for "Harry"
because his nickname was
Ehrie and he thought Harry
was the American version. His last name, Houdini, came from the magician who inspired him, Jean Robert-Houdin. Since adding an "I" to the end meant "like Houdin," Harry chose the name with pleasure. At first, Houdini started in a
dime museum and was
known as "The King of Cards." Escaping He got the idea to
become an escape
artist from the
Davenport brothers,
two medium
magicians. Houdini was well known for his
Chinese Water Torture Cell escape. It was upside-down and he was hung by his ankles in a tank of water. Houdini was best known for his escapes. He also jumped off of bridges with handcuffs on. His trick
for this escape was to get off
a first pair and then get the
rest of them off. Proving Frauds One of Houdini's
favorite things to do
was to expose other
magicians secrets. Egyptian Fraud Rahman Bay boasted that he could stay underwater, without air, for an hour. Houdini had been practicing holding his breathe during that time. Before Bay was lowered into the water, he rang the emergency bell and was proved a fraud. Houdini, on the other hand, lasted 1 hour and 31 minutes. Why Houdini Was Important Houdini had started an entire new
era in escaping. He inspired and still
inspires many young and old people
to try escaping. Death Houdini died October 31, Halloween,
from a complete accident. Ten days
before, a few Canadian students
came to his dressing room after a
performance. One of them, a strong
young man, asked if Houdini could
take a blow to the stomach. Houdini
wasn't listening and agreed. Once he
stood up, the boy gave him three hard
hits. Houdini didn't know, but he
had a ruptured appendix and died
ten days later from it getting an
infection. At age 18, his father told Houdini
to take care of his mother. His Own Name Since Houdini was beginning to
want more fame, he began to
expose people who inspired him,
including Houdin. In fact, he
even wrote an entire book saying
why Houdin was a fraud. Margery the Imposter Margery (Mina) held seances.
She was well known for the
"spirit" of her dead brother,
Walter. She made lights flicker
and many other things happen,
but no one actually knew it
was her until Houdini
invented a box for her to hold
her seances in. When she was
in the box, nothing mysterious
happened and she was proved a fraud. His Wife, Bess He met Bess in his dime
museum days when she
was only 18 and instantly
fell in love with her. Since she
was barely 5 feet tall, she
didn't make Houdini look short
in pictures. Family Since Houdini and Bess had
no kids, they had dogs which
they loved and took on
their trips. Houdini had five other brothers,
but one of them died when Ehrich
was only eleven. His Mom Harry loved his mother with
all his heart and treated her
like a queen, because on his
deathbed, Harry's father told
him to care for his mother.
The saddest day in his life
was when his mother died. Harry was only 5'5", but was
very strong and never smoked
or drank alcohol. Quotes "My brain is the key that sets me free." "Freedom and exhilaration, that's what it is." "The whole secret is getting the first hand
free; after that it is all plain sailing." Amazing Facts In England, there were over forty
other "King of Handcuffs." Bess's mother never let her come
back for twelve years since they
were Christian and Harry was
Jewish. Pictures from Google
and video from Youtube.
I do not own any pictures.
Biography by Vickie Cobb.
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