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Weekly Journals and Unit 9 Assignment

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Nancy Moretti

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Weekly Journals and Unit 9 Assignment

Weekly Journals and the Unit 9 Assignment
Each week you will write a journal entry highlighting a short summary of your learning this week. Write how this learning is relevant to your career goals and share examples of the relevance of your learning to a career in the field of child development.

This is not graded, but will lead to success!
Start with the
Unit 9 Assignment
Look at your options and plan accordingly - write your journals in the format that you select for your final assignment - this will save you lots of time and energy!
Your Unit 9 Assignment is an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and strategies that you explored this term. For this assignment, you will imagine that you are working in an early childhood program. Your childcare director is impressed with the enthusiasm and knowledge that you have been displaying since you returned to college, and he has asked you to present a brief overview to your colleagues of what you have been learning.
PowerPoint Option
Newsletter or Brochure
5-8 Minute Video
Journals = Unit 9 Assignment Success!!!
Prepare a 12-slide PowerPoint (PPT) presentation, using the notes feature for the oral part of the presentation. The note section for each slide must contain a minimum of 3 sentences. The first slide should include the contents of a cover page, and the final slide should be a reference page.

If you are thinking about this option, start it in week one. You can add a new slide and speaking points each week.

I posted a template in docsharing!
Prepare a 2-sided newsletter/brochure.
You should have 2-3 columns on each side using 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with a minimum of 750-1000 words. In addition, you should include a title page and reference page.
If selecting this option you should
start this in week one.
I posted templates in docsharing!
Record a 5-8 minute video using a minimum of 500-750 words and post the video to YouTube or the video website you are most comfortable with. For this option, you will provide a link to your video and your notes. Your notes should be detailed and organized, and they must follow APA formatting and style.
Please write your notes each week and start exploring technology for this option. I suggest my favorites which are Prezi, Extranormal, Voicethread, PowToon, Go-Animate, AuthorStream, Jing, or Snagit.

Write a minimum 3-page essay. The essay should be double spaced, using 12 pt. Times New Roman font and should include a title page and reference page (not included in the 3-page requirement).

I would also suggest starting this in week one. I posted a template in docsharing!
Only one of the options is required!

As you can see if you aff to this weekly, you will arrive in week nine only needing to complete your finishing touches!

Don't forget to visit docsharing for templates and remember to use the grading rubric as your guide.

I am looking forward to grading your submission!
Unit 1: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
Unit 2: Historical Overview
Unit 3: The Importance of Laws, Regulations, and Safety in Child Care Facilities
Unit 4: Exploring the Early Childhood Classroom Experience
Unit 5: NAEYC
Unit 6: Early Intervention
Unit 7: Professional Training
Unit 8: Introduction to Advocacy: Critical Issues
Unit 9: Beginning the Journey
Unit 10: Wrap up!
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