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So Icey

No description

Alan Zachary

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of So Icey

So Icey Traveling Where you wanna go? Australia Virgin Islands Disney-Anaheim The Land Down Under! Wonderful Attractions Beautiful Beaches Tons of Fun! St. Croix Island St. John Island St. Thomas Island Wowzers...Check out these islands!
Can't decide?
We can help by highlighting key features of each! Prices:
7 days & 7 nights, free scheduled lunch & dinner, exclusive room in one of many resorts including our own -- $1850 + tax What are we about? Grade A Traveling for the LOW LOW!
The best customer service, the best resorts,
the best locations ... Look we're just the best! We compare prices and if you can find a cheaper
way to stay somewhere...we'll go lower!
Aim to please is all we do.
Keep it SO ICEY is all we do. VIP Club:
25% off our already low prices!
Immediate upgrade to next best room wherever you stay
$500 in cash for you to spend on ANYTHING
VIP Club Card, Polo & Carry-On Bag Unbelievable Fun! Wonderful Attractions! Beautiful Resorts! Words cannot describe this place!
See it for yourself:
7 days & 7 nights, all free meals within resort cafe, unlimited passes to all parks -- $2100 Want to go to Australia?
You can fly OR cruise.
Experience life down under...
Amazing clear water beaches
Miles of hiking trails
The Sydney Opera House
5 days & 5 nights, fly there and back, stay in OUR own So Icey Exclusive Resort -- $2500 + tax!
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