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Motivations for seeking Outdoor Experiences

No description

Hadleigh Sirett

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Motivations for seeking Outdoor Experiences

Motivations for seeking Outdoor Experiences
Is often described as the driving force or reasoning behind a persons desire to do something: the explanation a person may give for wanting to achieve a particular feat, complete a task or achieve a dream.
Non Adventurous Motivations
Not all motivations are based on a desire to experience adventure for example bird watching.
Personal Responses to Outdoor Environments
Experiences can evoke a series of emotions and responses. Responses are reactions to conditions and challenges they present. For example, marveling a view or exhilaration of reaching the top!
Outdoor Experiences
A range of experiences including physical activities such as bushwalking, canoeing, cross-country skiing in a variety of outdoor environments as well as nature observations and visits to areas such as farms, mining/logging sites, interpretation centres.
Examples of Motivation
* Adrenalin rush
* To be the first to accomplish something
* To experience a feeling of achievement
* To prove something
* To set a record
* To share natural wonders of the world
* To experience challenge, risk
* To learn from and about the environment
* To escape the reality of everyday life
Personal Outdoor experiences
Write down an example of outdoor experiences you undertake and identify the motivation for doing so?
Types of Responses
Define the following responses to nature and provide an example for each:
* Fear
* Awe
* Appreciation
* Contemplation
* Curiosity
* Challenge

Motivation - Selfish?
Some people view motivations as selfish. An adventurer who leaves a family at home to pursue a dangerous activity might be seen as thinking for only themselves and not the impact on their family or friends of their potential injury or even death.
How do you respond to the following?
Types of Motivation
Intrinsic motivation - Internal desire to perform task. People do certain activities because it gives them pleasure, develops a practical skill etc.
Extrinsic motivation - Factors external to the individual and not related to the task being performed. Task is being complete for an external reason.
Many of our responses to nature are responses of fear.
Nature as wilderness, something wild and untamed.
Looks beautiful.
Breath of fresh air makes us feel good.
Sounds of birds, wind in trees, trickle of creek.
Smell of salt air, rain, shrubs.
Good weather.
Respect combined with fear or wonder.
Something different.

Slower pace.
Allows us to relax, think and ponder life.
Time out from hustle and bustle to reflect.

Whats around the corner?
How deep is it down there?
Whats next?
Leeds us to discovery
Gives us a sense of accomplishment upon completion.
Can leed to failure.
You never know if you never go.
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