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Interest Groups: United States Humane Society

No description

laney ghere

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Interest Groups: United States Humane Society

Background photo by t.shigesa What is the main problem with the HSUS? The United States Humane Society was created in 1954 and is a public interest group. Their purpose is to "reduce suffering and to create meaningful social change for animals by advocating for sensible public policies, investigating cruelty and working to enforce existing laws, educating the public about animal issues, joining with corporations on behalf of animal-friendly policies, and conducting hands-on programs that make ours a more humane world." What kind of interest group is the HSUS? What is their purpose? United States Humane Society By: Laney Ghere What functions does your interest group perform? Illustrate with specific examples. How does your interest group overcome organizational barriers?What are their membership requirements? The HSUS sponsors multiple functions to raise public awareness of animal cruelty and to acquire new members/make sure existing members continue to support their cause. They have annual events such as Humane Lobby Days, their To the Rescue! Benefit: Saving Animal Lives, and the Genesis Awards Benefit Gala. The HSUS gives out awards to members who have supported their cause for a certain period of time or who have done a exceptionally good deed to benefit humane animal treatment. They also send out a copy of their bimonthly magazine, "All Animals" to all of their members. What are the membership requirements of the HSUS? In order to become a member of the United States Humane Society, it is required that each member give a minimum donation of $25 a year. You also must fill out a form that includes your first name, last name, address, state/province, your email address, your credit card information, and your donation amount of at least $25. Is the leader of the HSUS important? Why? What qualities does he bring to the table? The president and CEO of the HSUS is Wayne Pacelle. Pacelle is a very important part of the HSUS because of his 10 years of lobbying for the organization prior to his presidency and his leadership which helped them became a 4-star charity (the highest possible rating). He is a good leader and knows how to lobby for the organization effectively, along with how, as a reward for being a member of the HSUS, you can be invited to meetings with/receive personal emails from him. How would you describe HSUS members based upon demographic characteristics? The members of the HSUS work with the residents and policy makers in states all across the country. Some of their members are skilled in the process of law and are knowledged about the government. Most of the members of the HSUS are just regular people who sign up and give their credit card information in order to give their yearly donations. How does the HSUS try to influence decision making and public policy? The HSUS has multiple lobbyists who represent them and promote their interests. These lobbyists help to shape the government in order to support the cause of the United States Humane Society. In order to do this, they have the HSLF, or Humane Society Legislative Fund. This is a social welfare organization that works to make laws for the protection of animals at the state and federal level of government. The HSLF can partake in more public policy work, build up a high number of trained activists, and compete with other interest groups that have been operating at a different level. http://www.hslf.org/about_us/ The main problem with the HSUS in that they try to give a voice to animals. This is a problem because animals don't vote so government does not pay as much attention to them as they would an interest group that represents humans/voters.
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