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Wasitopia - My Utopian Society

This Prezi is an assignment involving politics, designing a utopian society and persuading the class to move into it.

Sylwia Wasilewska

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Wasitopia - My Utopian Society

You'll love it! Or else.... Wasitopia Basic Historical and Geographic Information Located in North Carolina (near border with South Carolina)
Broke away from the U.S. in 1810
Population at Separation Day (22nd February): 305
Currency: Wasis (Ŵ, worth approx. 1.4 USD, or 8 NOK), and Wias (ŵ, worth ½ a Wasi) Government Military dictatorship
Leader selects people to be in the higher ranks (i.e. local spread of propaganda)
Leader chooses personal consultant (1 person, may be replaced)
Higher ranks: Generals
Generals run people through series of qualification tests to put into specific military groups or other workforce Education Starts at age 4
First 11 years are mandatory if go to military
Mandatory 16 years if any other career
Class presence is compulsory, unless child is in hospital
Military tests given at age 15
If not put in military, must choose one of 8 directions (previous slide)
NB! People with sight/hearing impairments and/or serious allergies not given military tests Laws Located near the coast, near a river, enabling fishing industry to grow. What happened on Separation Day? Where is Wasitopia (on map) A woman gathered 450 men and women willing to fight and break away from the U.S. After the deaths of approx. 200 of them,President James Madison agreed to let Wasitopia have a small amount of land. 25 specialized teachers, doctors and bankers joined the group. 25 heavy workers joined the group to help build the settlement. I am the Leader Military... and what else? Fishing industry - Located near sea and river
Farming - Self sufficient settlement
Banking - Own economy
Hospital - Specialized doctors and surgeons
School (possible University) - Teachers and professors
Clothes-making - Look to "Farming"
Shopkeeping - Distribution of goods
Boat/cart making - Need vehicles and boats for navy and fishing Any serious crime: death penalty
Serious crimes: murder, arson, rape, child abuse, assassination of Leader or Generals, breaking the 4 Rules. The 4 Rules:
You shall not steal
You shall not insult or speak of the Leader in a bad way
You shall not violate others' property
You shall not destroy any religion Other laws will be decided by Leader. Sylwia Wasilewska If you do not work, you will be banished from Wasitopia (more details in next slide). Jobs and Work One of 9 businesses:
Fishing industry
Boat/cart making Military: after test, will be classified into army or navy. Other businesses: take tests, get put into classified class in high school (later possibly degrees for medicine, banking, teachers in university) for 3 years, then start job. You must go to work every day, or else you are banished from Wasitopia. Everyone receives same pay except for Generals and personal consultant. If individual has serious injury, doesn't have to go to work but will receive half their normal pay. Leader pays for doctors looking after this individual if in hospital. Not a religious settlement, any religion is allowed. Nobody is allowed to destroy each other's religions. If I die, my son/daughter will replace me
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