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volcanoes and mountains

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Daniel Iniguez

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of volcanoes and mountains

A presentation by : Jonathan,Alex,Daniel I and Cesar Hope you enjoyed our PREZI The Differences and similarities Between Volcanoes and Mountains Hello people today we have a presentation about landforms All about mountains:

*There are a lot of mountains in the world. The largest mountain in America is Mount Everest. It is 8,850.1728 meters (29,036 ft) tall.

*In Great Britain the highest mountain is Ben Nevis.

* There are some mountains that are under the surface of the sea.

*About 80%of our planet's fresh water originates in the mountains."

*The 14 highest mountains in the world are located across 7 countries. They are China,Nepal, India , Myanmar, Bhutan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The Himalayen mountains were formed when India crashed into Asia and pushed up the tellest mountain range on the continents. This is a picture of Ben Nevis Here are some facts about mountains In some mountain areas the rivers are permanently frozen and they are called Glaciers. .The tallest known volcano in the solar system is Olympus Mons which is,located on Mars. Volcano:Olympus Mons Volcano under the sea Now we are going to talk about volcano facts... Volcano facts:

.There are around 1,510 'active' volcanoes in the world. We currently know of 80 or more volcanoes that are located under the ocean

.There is a difference on magma and lava.A magma is a liquid rock inside a volcano.Lava is liquid rock (like magma) that comes out of a volcano.Lava could reach from 1,300 degrees to 2,200 degrees F of temperature.

."The Earths crust is made up a huge slabs which are also called plates, it fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.Sometimes those plates move."

. "When two plates collide, one section starts to slide on top of the other,the one beneath is pushed down." volcano erupting from under water volcano erupting Mars volcano diagram Here is a picture of a volcano diagram Now for the differences and similarities for both landforms... For a quick pop quiz...

How old is the volcano Buon Giorno?

Were is the 14 highest mountain located in?

Whats the name of one of the famous mountains and were is it located?

How tall is Mount Everest?

Were is Mount ST Helens located? .In Naples Italy there is a volcano that is over 1,7000 years old. It has 2 volcanoes in one and the last eruption was back in 1944. Its named Buon Giorno also known as mount Vurses volcano in Naples Italy Mount St Helens . In Washington state there is volcano that has another volcano on top. The mountain is named Mount St Helens .In Japan there is one of the most famous volcano and its named Mount Fuji.It erupted a long time ago in 1704-1708. Mount Fuji How mountains are formed Mountains are formed when there are slow but gigantic movements of the earths crust(the outer layer of the earth). When two plates of the earths crust smash into each other, the land could be pushed upwards, which would form a mountain. Sometimes the earths crust breaks into huge blocks. Here is a diagram of a mountain forming Now let me fly you to the pop quiz Similarities Difference Mountains Volcano Formation Volcanoes form when magma(lava)from below(in the deeper part of the volcano where the magma comes from)rises and leaks into the crust. A volcano is formed when two plates hit each other. One of those plates goes under the other. This is where the earth heats and melts the rock into magma and gases. Magma is in pools or chambers near the surface. This is where eruptions take place. Volcanoes can also be formed when the plates go away from each other. The magma pushes up and the lava forms. These type of volcanoes are found on the ocean floor. Here are the pictures of all types of mountains Volcanoes Well...that's all folks How volcanoes erupt Sometimes the magma chamber breaks its sides and only reaches to the flank or summit of the volcano and sometimes reaches to the surface, Which would cause an eruption. FUN Facts :

*Did you know that Enceladus(moon) is a planet full of magma(A volcano planet)it was full with lava but then snow came to the planet and you can no longer see the lava
*Did you know that in some planets like for example (Venus) are covered with volcanoes "and many of them are clearly geologically very young," and scientists picked up a really good clear sign of a volcanic activity there . Its the same as EARTH!!!!!! Could you Believe this!!!!!
*Did you know that on Mars also has many distinctively(differently) volcanic features like the largest volcano (Olympus Mons). But on (Venus and Mars) there hasn't been any smoke out of those 2 solar systems. But we never know when its gonna erupt....
*scientists have no doubt that Jupiter's moon Io is volcanically active. And there has been some changes past the few years.
*Did you know that the Earth's Moon has no large volcanoes and Lava covers all of the planet Mountains have a peaceful area Volcanoes are very dangerous
and not really a good place to stay *There both landforms
*They are both Mountains Mountains contain water unlike Volcanoes Here is a picture of Jupiter's moon Io SIMILARITIES Our Websites:

*http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/earth/volcano.html Moon was covered with Lava before *Now for the Websites we got info *http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/environment/environment-natural-disasters/volcanoes/volcanoes-101/
*http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/places/countries-places/ecuador/sierra-negra-volcano-lex/ videos about volcanoes: Bye hope you learned a lot about Volcanoes and Mountains Flank of a Volcano Summit of a Volcano Why do we need to know about Mountains?

We need to know about this because when ever you live below a mountain and one night a big mountain slide comes with snow you could be trapped there for days, weeks or maybe for 1 year or 2.

Why do we need to know about Volcanoes?

We need to know about Volcanoes because when ever you go to an island or a country for vacation and your family lives on a mountain and they never knew it was a volcano and it never erupted and then all of a sudden it starts erupting. Every body would be running for your life's and their houses full with lava. So that's why we need to know about volcanoes
A house getting destroyed by a avalanche But were Did all the snow come from.... Well... It came from a mountain there was a mountain slide from out of nowhere and it destroyed everything
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