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Copy of Explain Any Topic

No description

Angela Fischer

on 12 December 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Explain Any Topic

Lesson 1:
"Walk and Listen"

Lesson 4:
"Sound Vibrations"

Good Vibrations
Angela Fischer
St. Catherine University
Fall 2015

Lesson 2:
"A First Look"

Lesson 3:
"Sound Effects"

Book Resources
First Grade
Common Core Standards

ELA Standards
1.RI.01 Ask and answer questions about key details in an informational text

1.RI.02 Identify main topic and retell key details in an information text

W1.7 Participate in shared research and writing projects

W1.8 With guidance and support from adults, recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question.

SL1.1 Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about first grade topics with peers/adults in small or larger groups.
1-PS4 Waves and their applications in technologies for information transfer

1-PS4-4 Use tools and materials to design and build a device that uses light or sound to solve the problem of communicating over a distance.
PS4.A Sound can make matter vibrate, and vibrating matter can make sound

PS4.C Information, technologies, and instrumentation
• People also use a variety of devices to communicate (send and receive information) over long distances.
Next Generation Science Standards
Sound: Loud, Soft, High, Low by Natalie M.

Rosinsky Sound Waves (Energy in Action) by Ian F.

Mahaney What is Sound? (Sound All Around Us) by Charlotte Guillain

All About Sound by Lisa Trumbauer

Sounds All Around by Wendy Pfeffer

Crocodile Beat by Gail Jorgensen

Sound, Heat & Light: Energy at Work by Melvin Berger

The Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown

The Quiet Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown
Brainstorm ways people can communicate.

Vocabulary: sound, communication

Writing Focus: Alliteration

Read aloud: The Listening Walk by Paul Showers
English Language Arts
"Magic School Bus:
In the Haunted House-Sound is vibration"

“Walk and Listen” activity: where students go on a “listening walk” throughout the school. Students walk around the building listening for sounds and record their findings on the document below.
English Language Arts
Create a list of words that describe sound.

Vocabulary: sound wave

Writing Focus: Rhyme

Read aloud: Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern
"A First Look: Sound" on YouTube.com

"Guess That Sound Investigation"
Students will try to guess the object inside plastic eggs.
English Language Arts
Vocabulary: device

Writing Focus: Onomatopoeia

Read aloud with student sound effects incorporated: Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco

Paper cup telephone
English Language Arts
Vocabulary: vibration, pitch, low frequency sound wave, high frequency sound wave

Writing Focus: Repetition

Read aloud: The Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown
Waves in water demonstration

Feel the Sound: What happens when things vibrate?
Musical Glasses
Fill four glasses with water at four different levels. Ask students what would happen if I struck the glass with a pencil?
Kazoo Construction
1. Use a pencil to make a small hole about two inches from one end of the cardboard tube.
2. Cut a piece of wax paper to go over the end of the paper towel tube.
3. Secure it with a rubber band.
4. Decorate the outside with the markers. Now try it out by saying, "AAHHH!"
Popsicle Stick Harmonica
Supplies Needed:

2 Popsicle Sticks ~ We used the wide ones
2 Rubber Bands ~ You could also use string
A strip of paper the same size as the Popsicle Stick
2 toothpicks cut the width or just wider than the Popsicle Stick
How to assemble your Popsicle Stick Harmonica:

1. Sandwich the paper strip in between the 2 Popsicle Sticks
2. Wrap a rubber band around one end until it is snug.
3. Slide a toothpick to the inside of the rubber band.
4. Sandwich the last toothpick at the other end of the Popsicle sticks, and wrap with a rubber band.
Musical Art
Lesson 5:
"Making Music"

Lesson 6:
"The Showcase"

English Language Arts
Read Aloud: Crocodile Beat
by Gail Jorgensen

Writing Focus:
Review alliteration, rhyme, onomatopoeia, and repetition.
Move like the Music
Students will create different body movements as they listen to a diverse set of musical numbers.
English Language Arts
Read aloud: The Remarkable Farkle McBride by John Lithgow

Final Assessment: Flipgrid-students will share what they have learned about sound.
"Sound" Art
using Audacity
A First Look: Sound--YouTube.com
The Wonder of Sound--YouTube.com
Magic School Bus: In the Haunted House-Sound is Vibration
Video Resources
Cut a string about 15 feet long. Poke a hole in the bottom of the cups and thread the string through. Tie the string on the paper clip. This will hold the string in place.
Students will explore using the paper cup telephone (The string should be kept taunt).
1. Place a piece of paper on a baking sheet and wrap rubber bands around the whole thing.

2. Paint the rubber bands

3. Pull back the rubber bands and let them go. Repeat.
Bishop, S., Olvey, E., & Grammer, A. (2013, June 1). Waves: Light and Sound. Retrieved December 12, 2015, from http://www.alvordschools.org/cms/lib8/CA01900929/Centricity/Domain/2616/1st Grade Teachers Guide Complete.pdf

Rubie, T. (2012, September 30). Good Morning Mrs. Rubie: SOUND ART - a digital artwork lesson freebie. Retrieved December 12, 2015, from http://goodmorningmrsrubie.blogspot.com/2012/09/sound-art-digital-artwork-lesson-freebie.html

Sprangel, P. (n.d.) Catch That Wave! A first grade inquiry into sound and light waves.
One man band--BrainPop
Recycled Material Junk Music Band--

Additional Resources
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