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Local and International?

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Jeannie Ingles-nevin

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Local and International?

Local and International?
Managing Complex Employment Expectations

Akkio Nishimura - Expatiate

Spousal discontent leads to the need for relocation

Puja Malik - HR Manager

− Home social security
− Pension plan
− Health insurance
− x3 higher base salary
Package Fairness
By Jeannie Ingles-Nevin
& Katie Horne

What is an Expatriate??
Expatriates are staff from various roles who are moved (temporarily) across international boundaries and placed within the international organisation’s foreign operations.(Dowling, Festing & Engle 2013)

They often receive special expatriate packages as part of their assignment contact to ensure their transition is a smooth one.
Local International Policy
What is a
To what extent do you believe the three groups of assessment packages to be fair
(expat package, Local International package & Local package)
a) Equity theory - Referent person
b)Procedural justice

Globalising Policy
Case 5
•Individual host country based salary and incentives according to local scheme
•Setting-in allowance (to cover incidental miscellaneous expenses of the move e.g. temp accommodation and meals on arrival, school uniforms and books for school-age children.
•Medical Checkup
•Visas and permits – country standards
•Travel costs – outward journey and a trip home in the 1st year
•Optional – allowance for housing and school (-50% after 1year, 0% after 2years)
•Optional – Retention Bonus
•Optional – Allowances according to local needs
Meeting the needs of both parties
- Going rate approach
- Local plus
- Vertical levels
- The business has to meet employees needs while remaining cost effective

ie. Local International 50% school help offered for 1st year 0% second year
more effective method would be offering the support 25% over two years, the employee is happier with the level of support and the business maintains low costs.

- Return on investment

Balance sheet approach
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