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Maria And Cori

No description

lib hist

on 17 September 2016

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Transcript of Maria And Cori

Medal Of Honor
The medal of honor is the highest honor a soldier can be given. Only 3,515 and 1 woman have gotten it. The medal is bestowed onto the soldier from the president during a big ceremony. President Lincoln was the first president to give a medal of honor. The medal is given to those who show Valor, courage, and patriotism. There are 3 versions of the medal, army, navy, and air force.
Sammy L. Davis
Mary Walker
Mary Walker was a nurse, doctor, surgeon, and a woman's rights activist. She graduated from Syracuse Medical College. While she was serving as an assistant surgeon in the civil war, she was captured by the confederate army. Her medal had been withdrawn but she continued to wear it. The medal had been restored Posthumously by President Jimmy Carter in 1977. Mary died in 1919.
Tibor Rubin
Tibor Rubin was a Jewish man born in Hungary on June 18, 1929. He was liberated while he was in a holocaust camp by the American combat troops. When he was in the Korean War, he was always being sent on impossible tasks alone in hopes of him dying during service. He killed a staggering amount of Korean soldiers while he was on these missions. When he was captured again he risked his life for food and improvised medical techniques. He received his medal on Semtember 23rd, 2005 by President George W. Bush.
High respect; Esteem
Leonardo L. Alvardo
Leonardo L. Alvardo was a Fourth class ranked in the U.S. Army Organization in the Vietnam war on August 12, 1969. Leonardo showed Integrity and gallantry above and beyond the call of duty. He showed courage by knowing even though he was going to die, he still went out to fight. He showed Patriotism by dying for his country and saving people before his death. He showed Valor by fighting even when he was scared. He honored and saved his country, no matter the problem was he fought.
Maria And Cori
Sammy L. Davis was a soldier who received the medal of honor for his service in the Vietnam war. He signed up for the war because his father had been in a war himself. He was sent into a base near Cai Lay. While he was there the base was attacked by over 1,500 veit cong soldiers. As he was providing cover fire, he was shot off the artillery and flew into a nearby fox hole. He had gotten back on and shot as many rounds as he could. When he heard yelling for help across the river, he grabbed a nearby air mattress and crossed the river to get to 3 wounded soldiers. though he had many injuries himself he brought those 3 soldiers back over and they were sent home. He was voted to get the medal of honor and received it from president Johnson.
These soldiers showed courage by going out and joining the military. They were brave in battle and were courageous. They handled their fear.
The soldiers were given the medal of honor by proving they were worthy and they were given honor for their deeds. The only way to receive the medal is to be voted for it because of your services. The got their honor by being voted.
The ability to do something that frightens someone.
Love and devotion to one's country.
The soldiers showed Patriotism by proving they would die for their country and would sacrifice themselves. They showed their love and devotion for their country.
Great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.
These soldiers showed Valor by going into battle and proving themselves even when they were scared. They understood the dangers and still went out and fought.
These soldiers showed great bravery in the times they needed too and showed patriotism by how they sacrificed themselves for their country. Their stories are quite incredible and inspiring. They were definitely worthy to get their medal of honor and showed it as well. Sammy L. Davis, Mary Walker, Leonardo L. Alvardo, and Tibor Rubin proved themselves in battle and had shown courage, honor, patriotism, and valor.
For our medal of honor project we chose four soldiers that had earned their medal with their services. We showed how they expressed honor, valor, courage, and patriotism. That is how they received the medal of honor.
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