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No description

John Riordan

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of GOLF

Nike Golf Course
John Riordan, Johnathan Langley, Lain Barclay,
Michael Greenstein, and Thein Ha

Golf Course built by Nike using technology to improve the golfing experience
Target Market
Younger Generation (18-30)
Business Professionals
Experienced Golfers
People trying to improve their game

Ideas for Future Growth
Other college towns
PAC 12 Schools that Nike sponsors
Washington University
Stanford University
University of California-Berkeley
Bring more innovation to golf
Ways Nike is Attracting Customers
to the Course
Nike's Strengths
& Weaknesses
The User Experience Begins
Walk into Clubhouse Store
Pick out clubs and clothes
Must wear some Nike apparel and use all Nike equipment to play on course
Allows users to test out newest Nike equipment
Players will download Nike Golf App
Allows players to track progress, see virtual course maps, and receive helpful tips
Golf club heads will have imbedded sensors
Will track swing speed/power, striking location
Cameras at tee will track swing motion
Golf Cart Hovercrafts
Amazing golf course architecture
Hosting a PGA tournament
Celebrity and Company tournaments
Post-Golf Experience
Use feedback from Nike Golf App to improve your game.
Practice your swing in the Swing for Perfection Simulator
Trained golf instructors will help with swing
Technology Oriented
Sponsors Athletes & College Sports Teams
High quality products
Relatively Expensive
Lack of presence in golf market
Using Celebrities to Promote
Nike has endorsement deals with Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Charles Schwartzel
5 Brainstorming Ideas For Product Extensions
Cost of Course
Social Media
Nearby Golf Courses
Other Golf Brands
Saratoga Country Club
Los Altos Golf Course
Current Deep Cliff Golf Course
11th richest city in US
$51,965 per capita income ($42,693 US avg)
San Francisco Metro Area (11th largest in US)
4,455,560 Million people
Cost to Play
Cupertino, California
Close to target market
Wealthy educated youth
Stanford, UC-Santa Clara University, San Jose State
Silicon Valley- Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook
Hunting Equipment
Sponsoring NBA Team
Workout Equipment
Sponsoring Premier League Team
Golf Course
Golf Course Restructuring
Club House
Other Facilities
7.2 Million
5.2 Million
1.2 Million
1.56 Million
2.4 Million
17.76 Million
Walk Course
*Includes Club Rental, Green Fee, and Post-Golf Simulators
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