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Excretory System

No description

Santiago Perez

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Excretory System

Excretory System
by: Deven Tamargo, Dayne Jurjo, and Santiago Perez

Kidney stones

When the normal balance of water,salt, and minerals have changed.
Nausea,vomiting,bloody urine,fever,difficultly urinating,urinary urgency, and testicular pain.
Currently there is no cure or treatments, only pain medications.
Excretory System
Body System Functions
The excretory system in the body gets rid of wastes in the body and disposes of them.
Body System Organs
Excrete urine into the ureters
A muscular tube that brings urine between the kidneys and the bladder
Collects urine that the kidneys excrete
The way that urine exits the body
Release carbon dioxide from the body
Sweat is released from sweat glands
7.Large intestine
Transports waste so it may be excreted
Detoxifies and breaks down toxins and chemicals in the body
Collage of Excretory System

There are 4 major cells in the Excretory System and they are the one pore cell, the one canal cell, the one duct cell, and a fused pair of gland cells.
The tissues in the Excretory System are the bronchioles, the alveoli, the renal pelvis, the inner layer of the bladder, the middle layer of the bladder , the outer layer of the bladder, the connective-tissue, the smooth layer muscle, and a transitional epithelium tissue. (This tissue has many cells)

Many bacteria and viruses can cause pyelonephritis. Escheria is often the cause.
Excretory Diseases
Back pain,fever,sickness feeling,nausea,vomiting,and confusion
There is no cure but is treated with antibiotics

Science Daily Journal

Biology for Kids


Excretory System Tissues
Mcgraw-Hill Companies, Inc,(2012),Florida Course 1 I Science, Columbus, OH.
6th Grade Science book

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