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Jacobson SMART Goal

No description

Justin Jacobson

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Jacobson SMART Goal

Jacobson SMART Goal
ASIJ MS, 2009-10 Affliction: "Mortis Powerpointius" Symptoms:
limited use of theme templates
excessive concern for animation, fonts, effects
attention given to screen, not audience Current reality: Students’ abilities and comfort levels with presenting information visually, either for presentation to a group or to a teacher, are emerging, but still have room for improvement. Moreover, when students do present visual information, almost without exception they rely on Microsoft Powerpoint. While Powerpoint is not without its virtues, student presentations of visual information tend to fall into predictable patterns, involving too much text, excessive use of bullet points and most of all, a sequential style of presentation. SMART Goal...

Strategic and specific: improve presentation skills; simultaneously learn a new visual presentation method (Prezi).

SMART Goal...

Measurable: Use a rubric describing elements of good presentations; move students along a continuum of identifiable skills. Use of self and peer assessments as data.

SMART Goal...

Attainable: baseline survey of skills at mid-semester; focused lessons on presentation skills plus how to use Prezi in second half of semester; summative presentation at semester's end to compare.

SMART Goal...

Results-oriented: Students will know a new presentation program and have further refinement of presentation skills, in support of other elements of 6-8 currciulum.

SMART Goal...

Timebound: one semester, measuring performance before and after lessons.

How did you arrive at the SMART goal?

Noticed an excessive and exlcusive use of powerpoint, to the point where it dominated all other elements of presentation skills.

What evidence did you gather?

Self and peer assessments showed about a one step increase over the five elements of presentation skills (moved from about 3.5 on average to about 4.5). Biggest increase was in treating presentation as a cue rather than a script - facilitated by limiting number of words per slide.

What did you learn from the evidence?

kids think Prezi is cool
easy to remember guidelines (no more than 10 words) help
kids need to be oriented away from the screen and towards the audience

What did you decide to do differently?

use Prezi with all presentations
create cleaer guidelines with presentations

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