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GCSE PE - Key Process C

No description

Rebecca Long

on 5 March 2017

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Transcript of GCSE PE - Key Process C

GCSE PE - Key Process C
What does the correct technique looks like?

How is the skill performed?

What are the coaching points?

Provide step by step guide of how the skill is performed accurately and successfully?

*Top tip*
Think of an elite athlete perform this skill, what makes them so successful?
Consider the importance of tactics in your sport.

Individual strategies

Game / team strategies

Why is it a strength?

How are you successful?

Relate to specific scenarios in a game situation. How do tactics and decision making have a significant effect on performance?
Squats in a circuit to improve leg strength
What needs to be done to improve your weakness??
What are your strengths?

What components of fitness do you need to be good at your strength?

How long do you hold the position for?
What progress is needed to improve?

Break down the skill...

What are the coaching points you need to consider in order to perform the skill accurately?
Strategies and Game play:

What errors and mistakes do you make during performance?

Is it too complex and demanding? If so, why?

Suggest how you could overcome this.
Complex and Demanding
How do you make your skills more complex and demanding?

E.g Circuit training - progressive overload

Choose at least 3 components of
fitness with valid explanation
How does the skill look when YOU perform it?

*Top top* Compare to an elite athlete in your sport or perfect example

What should it look like to get maximum benefit / optimum performance?

E.g Back not straight on the plank, bum to high in the air

Weaknesses / Areas for Improvement
What components of fitness are needed to excel in your chosen sport?
Eg. Muscular endurance is needed for holding plank position in a circuit
Relate to different muscle groups:
Plank = muscular endurance in abdominal muscles
Squats = muscular endurance in quadriceps and gluteals
Methods of training
Can you relate a method of training that you do or can do to improve your fitness / skill levels?
Eg. The use of the agility ladder helped me evading opponents in rugby
Components of fitness for your sport

Choose 2/3 fitness areas you need to work on to improve performance in your sport.

This could even be a specific muscle group...

e.g Muscular strengths in quadriceps which will improve my leg power.
Weight training?
Circuit training?
Interval training?
Continuous training?
E.g A weight training program improve your strength for specific areas of your chosen weakness
Key Process C
11% of Practical marks
Identifying what actions are needed for improvement in your sport

Deciding on priorities - what is most important area to improve?

What will make the biggest impact on performance?

What will improve strengths further?
Improving Performance
Prioritise outcome to improve
Choose from an identified skill or technique to improve
Why have you chosen this skill? Justify your reason!
How will this have an impact on performance quickly?
What components of fitness are essential for this skill?
What strategies / tactics may need to be consider?
Composition - What is the skill or technique made up of?
Corrective Measure to Improve your
What training methods could you use to improve performance:

Circuit training (reference to overload, FITT principle)
Interval training (reference to intensity)
Continuous training
Weight training (reference to Sets, Reps and resistance)

Specific Training you could do for your chosen sport
E.g Shooting target practice
Dribbling - agility ladder

Action Plan to monitor
How to check your progress and evaluate
whether you are improving the quality of performance in your chosen sport.
Fitness tests - compare to national average.
Eg Bleep test / standing long jump. What do they show?

Film your performance / training sessions

Compare to an elite athlete in your sport

Verbal feedback from a coach/teacher/friend

Create a Personal exercise plan
- Include short/long term goals
- Before and after fitness tests
- Ongoing review / training diary

Use Dartfish
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