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The UK

No description

Eivind Sletner

on 26 January 2018

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Transcript of The UK

Typically British?
Everybody talks about the weather!

British humor!
The world famous
to the UK!

The UK
Class Consciousness
What are the three traditional classes?

Write three short paragraphs where you describe the differences between the three classes.
Try to find the the following characteristics of british humor in the examples (write them down):

Favors the underdog
Loves to make fun of themselves
(e.g. clothing, formal mannerism, speech and class differences)
Uses puns
Irony and sarcasm
Surreal and chaotic
Adults vs. children
Jokes about "everything"

Read the text Bits of Britain (p.131) and write two paragraphs where you comment on the following:

-The Stereotypical Brit
But is it that simple?
7-tier class
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