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Quiz Day

No description

abby freo

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Quiz Day

Agenda for October 24, 2012 All personal belongings should be on the side tables.
No electronic devices until you are finished.
DO NOT TALK even when your done; look busy.
Turn in your review on my desk! Test Day Lytic Cycle vs. Lysogenic Cycle Immune System Non Specific Defense (Castle Wall)
1) 1st Line of Defense -> skin, mucus, lysozymes
2) 2nd Line of Defense -> blood vessels enlarge to
allow phagocytes to attack

Specific Defense (Breach of Castle Wall)
3) 3rd Line of Defense -> Marcophage, T cell, helper T, Plasma B, killer T, memory B and suppressor T Attack Mode Parts of the Virus RNA Capsid Sheath Tails Bacteria Viruses both
have genetic material DNA reproduce without host
killed by antibiotics
destroy outside of cell need host to replicate
destroy cell from inside amount of
antibodies Which line is the flu and which is HIV? Passive vs. Active Immunity mother-> baby Vaccination 1st infection 2nd infection opportunistic disease: pathogens we are normally immune to

ex: tumors of skin and yeast infection of mouth HIV HIV * Kills Helper T Cells
* below 500 T cells
* below 2oo T cells
* No cure
* People Die due to....
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