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Albert Camus

No description

megan cook

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Albert Camus

Albert Camus
Left apartment to not contaminate everyone
Moved in with my Uncle Gustave in butcher shop
No cure for tuberculosis, folk remedies; red meat
Moved out of apartment
Worked various jobs to help with new apartment and school
Influenced by teacher Jean Grenier, focused me on literary and philosophy ideas
Friend Max - Pol Fouchet had a girl friend named Simone Hie
Simone was a beautiful and had a strong personality
She was a drug addict since 14 on morphine
Simone and I were seeing eachother
I told Max about the affair, took it well but were no longer friends
Early Life
Born on Novemeber 7th 1913 in Mondovi, Algeria
Second son of Lucien and Catherine Camus
Father died a year after my birth, serving in World War I, in the battle of the first Marne
Moved into grandmothers two room apartment in the Belcourt section of Algiers, near the Arab quarter of the city
Early Life
In 1918 went to primary school and was taught by Louis German
German helped me win a scholarship to the Algiers lycee high school in 1923
1930 suffered first tuberculosis attack, had to stop my studies and sports
Went back to school
Uncle loaned me money to help with school and my health
Had a haughty attitude
Was smaller than friends but would settle fights with my fists
Verbally aggressive and sarcastic
Early life
Articles were getting published in small literary magazine called "Sud"
Had a great ambition and strive to start writing like never before
My grandmother passed away, and i used this experience of her death and living with her in my novel "The Wrong Side and the Right Side"
Being taught by Jean Grenier again in the philosophy department
In 1935 studied for two diplomas and recieved an honorable mention in History of Philosophy and Logic
Wrote a play about the despotic Roman Emperor Caligula which took many years to write
Decided to become a teacher, but was denied for medical issues
Took a kayaking trip with my wife and friend Yves
Hoping my wife would calm down; needed control in my life
Went back home and left Simone and Yves on the trip
Found out Simone was having an affair with her doctor
In 1937 left the Communist party
Traveled with friends to Paris
Split up with friends and stayed in Embron for a month
Worked on my novel "The Happy Death" and "The Stranger"
Met back up with my friends in Italy
Was offered a teaching position but turned it down to focus on writing career
Communist Party
Friends and Grenier encouraged me to join the Communist party
Role in the party was a kind of touring proaganda agent, deliver lectures, run organizations, and make political plays
I also sold newspaper did fly posting, and organized and ran study groups
Didnt like the party so instead of leaving the party I waited to be kicked out
Worked at the Meteorology Instittue opened new doors for me
Worked for a new newspaper called the Algerian Republican
Job was a court reporter
Took all my experiences here for my novel "The Stranger" and my collection of essays " Nuptials"
The second World War ended the Algerian Republican
Tried to enlist in the war again but couldnt; felt very embarrassed
Used this time to work on several papers and novels
Recieved a job in Paris was an editorial secretary for Paris - Soir, in March 1940
At the newspaper I was paid good, could write whatever i wanted, and i had short hours so i could focus more on my writing
May of 1940 the Germans were bombarding Paris,and Italy declared war on Paris
We evacuated to Clermont
Newspaper started working again but didnt write one article
Nervous I was on the Nazi hit list
Simone's and I divorce was now official
Had several girlfriends i would write to
Married one them, Francine Faure in 1940
In 1941 I felt suffocated and wanted to leave Francine
Sent the completed manuscripts of "The Stranger" and "Caligula"
Jean thought it would be better to publish "The Stranger" and "The Myth of Sisyphus"
As books were about to be published i got sick
Books were a sucess but the reviews misunderstood me
Settled down in Paris and wrote many other books,essays, plays, etc.
Honored to recieve the Nobel Prize in literary in 1957
Recieved the award " for my important literary production,which with clear - sighted earnestness illuminates the problems of the human conscience in our times"
Sadly in 1960 in Villeblervin France my car spun off the icy road and crashed into a tree and died on impact
Soccer team
The Stranger is about an Algerian man who irrationally kills an Arab man who he recognizes from before he kills him. The book is split into two parts the main characters two points of view.
In 1936 recieved a diplome d'etudes superierues on a thesis on the relationship bewteen greek and catholic in the philosophical writings of Plotinus and St.Augustine
Had another tuberculosis attack, couldn't recieve chance of getting a career at the university
Went to a resort in the French Alps
Published my first book, a collection of essays called L'nvers at L'endroit
Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk besides me and be my friend
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