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Sparta V.S Athens

No description

John K

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Sparta V.S Athens

Athens VS. Sparta By John Kenny Period 5 Athens is strategically smarter than Sparta because Athens developed strong relationships with other city-states. ATHENS - Democracy: A Government run by the people, for the people. When it is run this way, people are happier and feel more involved.

SPARTA - Oligarchy: A Government run by multiple kings and not by the people. This system does not have the peoples' best interest at heart.

Best Government - Athens ATHENS - Chose random people that were at least 30 years old and presented them with new laws to be discussed and agreed upon.
This was fair and let the people choose.

SPARTA - They had a few kings that made some decisions. They were called The Council of Elders. This limited the amount of public opinion.

Best in Fairness - Athens ATHENS - Assemblies were held on a hill every ten days. At least 6,000 people had to be present. They were presented with laws and then voted. They felt this was a fair way to make new laws because they all got a say.

SPARTA - The people who made the decisions inherited the power to make laws based on their ancestry. That is not fair because nobody else gets to have a chance to have the power of making decisions.

Best Communication - Athens ATHENS - Their economy was based on trade. They did not have much farming land, but they lived near the sea and they had a good harbor.

SPARTA - Their economy relied on farming and conquering other peoples' land. Both city-states relied on farming, although, Sparta did not have enough land to feed everybody.

Best Neighbor - Athens Economy Government Government Government Economy ATHENS - Traded with other city-states for things they did not have. They got wood from Italy and grain from Egypt. Athens nurtured relationships with other city-states.

SPARTA - Overtook their neighbors' land. The men in Sparta were all warriors. They used slaves and noncitizens to farm the food that was needed.

Better Economy - Athens Economy ATHENS- They all traded at a place called the agora. The merchants traded goods in small stands. They bought and sold slaves there.

SPARTA- They took neighbors and turned them into slaves called helots. They lived in their own villages but had to give food to spartan citizens.

Better way of trade-Athens Economy ATHENS- They would trade in an area called the Agora, people bought and traded things like food or household items. Some times they even sold slaves. Athens encouraged trade because they got what they needed faster.

SPARTA- They had people called Perioikoi who were not slaves but they would sereve in the army if they needed too. They would make things like shoes, red cloaks, and iron tools like knives and spears. Sparta mostly discouraged trade because they thought having contact with other city-states might lead to new ideas and weaken there government. Education Systems
SPARTA- Their purpose of education was to teach men and women how to protect their city-state. If a baby was not strong and healthy it might have been left on a hillside to die.

Best Education System - Athens ATHENS- Their purpose of education was to develop good citizens. Boys and girls received different educations because only boys were allowed to be citizens. Athenians believed that a good citizen was smart and healthy. Education Systems ATHENS - Education included physical training as well as book learning. An Athenian boy was home schooled by his mother or a male slave until the age of 6-7 years old.

SPARTA - Discipline and strength was an important part of a Spartan's education. Even the girls were taught some military training. All Spartan children were taught to fight from the age of 7 years old.

Best Way of Teaching - Athens Education Systems ATHENS - Books were expensive and rare, so boys had to memorize reading, writing, arithmetic, and literature. To help them learn, they used writing tablets.

SPARTA - Important skills taught to Spartans were boxing, foot racing, wrestling, and gymnastics. They did not consider reading and writing very important. It was more important that they be brave soldiers.

Better Teaching Method - Athens Women & Slaves ATHENS - Women and slaves had limited rights. They were not allowed to vote, go to assemblies, and most could not even choose their own husbands.

SPARTA - Women were expected to be strong and ready to fight like the men. They were very plain dressed and did not wear make-up or perfume. Slaves were called Helots. There were more Helots than actual citizens. Helots are people that were captured by Spartans and were treated poorly. Women & Slaves ATHENS - Athenian women were not allowed to own or inherit property. A few women held jobs. Some were merchants. A small number of important women were priestesses. There were a lot of slaves in Athens. Even poor families had at least one slave. Some were born slaves.

SPARTA - Spartan women protected the property when the husband went to war. Sometimes the government would declare war against the Helots just to make it legal to kill them if they thought they were going to rebel.

Better Treatment of Women & Slaves - Athens Women & Slaves ATHENS - An Athenian wife had separate rooms at home and never went outside alone. They had the most power inside their own home doing the chores and raising the children. The unluckiest slaves had to work in the silver mines for 10 hours a day. Others had jobs as clerks or tutors for Athenian children.

SPARTA - Women could own property. If their husband was away at war for too long, they were allowed to re-marry. Helots were tricked into picking their strongest slaves thinking they would be allowed to be free. Instead, 2,000 Helots were killed to avoid any rebellion.

Better Treatment - Athens Athenian Slave Spartan Life
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