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August Alsina Life Story

No description

Richara Clay

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of August Alsina Life Story

August Alsina Life Story
August Bio:
birthday:September 3,1992
age:22 years old
Birth Sign:virgo
Raised: New Orleans
Full Name: August Anthony Alsina
nick name: Aug,Yung Aug,Yungin August
Early Life
August Alsina had a rough early child hood he grew up with no mother she left his life when he was 3 and his dad and his stepfather was addicted to hurrine cocaine his older brother Melvin LA,branch III was shot and killed on August 31, 2010 after his brother death he became more commited to his dream and music and reloacted to Alanta in 2011
August Alsina wanted too start music because he learned what money can do make you or break you. and he said? he starting being very commited to music when he older brother Melvin got shot and killed on August 31,2010
Love Life?
August Alsina Was in love witht his girl name Tasha. also,but one thing we found out the youngin’ doesn’t love is going down on women. Sigh. When the 21 year old stopped by the office late last week to talk about his debut studio album, Testimony, we had to ask him about comments he recently made on The Breakfast Club about not pleasing a woman and all we can say is, it must be the age…
One thing’s for sure is August isn’t one to let others influence him, including the industry, which is why that stance likely won’t be changing soon,
Why Is August Alsina improtant to me?
I look up August Alsina because he whole early child hood life was rough he didn't have no mother too look up or basically a dad & stepdad both of them was addicated to hural cocaine. August only had his big brother too lok up to the one who basically taught him right from wrong the one also told him "money can break you or make you
What Made Him Want To Write?
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