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chapter 18 study guide

No description

Mikaela Springer

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of chapter 18 study guide

Giotto di Bondone
Virgin and Child Enthroned
Ognissanti, Florence
Done in Classical Byzantine style as seen in the gold background
Art History
Chapter 18 Slide Study Guide
Giotto di Bondone
Kiss of Judas
South wall of Scrovengi (Arena) Chapel, Padua
Eye contact between people indicates a deeper, emotional connection

Duccio di Buoninsegena
back of Maetsa altarpiece, Siena Cathedral
Done in classical Byzantine
Ambrogi Lorenzetti
Sala dei Nove, Palazzo Pubblico Siena, Italy
The women above the gate is holding scrolls and a gallow, representing that all those entering the city are safe as she has taken
Jean Pucelle
The S curve of Jesus and Mary represent their unity as mother and child
Middle Reign region, Germany
Similar position to Mary holding the Christ child
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