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Doing Laundry for Caritas: A community service presentation

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Jennifer Krolewski

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Doing Laundry for Caritas: A community service presentation

Doing Laundry for Caritas: A community service presentation by Jill Krolewski
Caritas is an organization which helps many in need.
I have volunteered to help with doing the laundry for the men, women, and children who are currently staying at my church, Saint Gabriel's.
CARITAS helps the most vulnerable among us, which makes for a stronger community. We strive to make a long lasting impact not merely bandaids.
I have completed several loads of laundry and will return the clothing clean to my church.

I feel positive that I am taking part in helping the community. Even a small part can be part of a whole community of care,

Caritas Richmond is the largest provider of homeless services in our area.
Laundry takes many steps and I am removing the clean, dry clothes to prepare to fold them.

My church, Saint Gabriel's is where the laundry is being returned. Our church regularly hosts individuals through Caritas.
Caritas is innovative in that its programs fill gaps in our system.
United by their compassion, Caritas helps the most vulnerable neighbors break the cycle of homelessness and addiction and reclaim their dignity.
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