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Rainforest Layers

No description

Megan S

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Rainforest Layers

Rainforest Layers by Megan S. The ground layer of the rainforest

Location: Fourth layer. Under the understory at the very bottom of the rainforest

Plants: Ferns and small shrubs

Animals: Leaf-cutter ants, Jaguars, and crocodiles Forest Floor The upper level of trees that form a cover over the lower layers of the rainforest

Location: Second layer. Underneath the emergent layer

Plants: "Roof" of trees, branches, and vines

Animals: Toucans, monkeys and sloths Canopy Understory Layer where giant trees stick out above the trees of the canopy

Location: First layer. Very top of the rainforest

Plants: Tallest trees in the rainforest

Animals: Vultures, eagles, and hawks Emergent Layer
The cool, dark environment that is between the canopy and the ground

Location: Third layer. Underneath the canopy and above the forest floor

Plants: Smaller trees, vines, and bushes

Animals: Tree frogs, snakes, butterflies emergente capa dosel sotobosque piso del bosque emergente capa dosel sotobosque piso del bosque capas de la selva tropical
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