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Nevada Our Home

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Rhonda Breit

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of Nevada Our Home

A Fresh Start
Up until the mid 1800's most people lived in the eastern part of the United States.
They moved towards the west looking for economic opportunities
Some were looking for more space and less people
Others were just looking for adventure
They did not want to live in Nevada because of the dry land and water was very hard to find
Wagon Trains
The first people traveling across our state were just traveling through headed towards California
Emigrants are people who leave one country to settle in another
Wagon trains were many people traveling together
Pioneers are the first to settle a place
Covered Wagons
Prairies Schooners - pioneer wagons covered with white canvas tops to protect their belongings from duts, wind, and rain

Pulling the Load
Emigrants used oxen or mules to pull their wagons
Oxen were the strongest but the slowest
Mules were more stubborn but better in the heat
Horses were the most expensive to feed
Dangers on the Trail
Pioneers had to survive harsh weather, wild animals, and follow poor maps
People died in the freezing snow
Pioneers got lost following unmarked trails and confusing maps
They had to beware of bears and mountain lions
They also had to beware of unfriendly indian tribes
Some pioneers died from a disease called cholera
Forty-Mile Desert
Pioneers had to travel 40 miles across a very hot desert with no water once they left the Humboldt River

Chapter 5 - Part 1
Go West!

Nevada Our Home
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