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Making a Difference

No description

Jennequia Brown

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Making a Difference

The Purpose of CCSGA
For the KOALAS, by the KOALAS.
Full-time student (12 credit hours)
At least a 2.5 GPA (Officer postions)
At least 3.0 (Exec Board)
Cannot hold more than 1 other officer position on campus
Students may not run or hold any other class representative position at the same time.
Attend Elections Information Session
Positions Available
Class Officer Positions
All first year Positions
Sophomore Class PR & Activities (1)
Junior Class PR & Activities (1)
Senior Class PR & Activities (1)
Senior Class Secretary
Look over the posting policy in the STUDENT HANDBOOK.
Remember that Campaigning starts on
Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
ALL flyers must be approved by OSA.
Inappropriate and unethical flyers are subject to the Judicial Board.
Voting will take place
September 23-25
Voting will be online!
Newly elected members will be announced on
Friday, September 26.
The Speech
The Speech cont.
All candidates running for Executive Board positions and Class Presidents must give a speech. Other candidates may give a speech, but it isn't compulsory.
Important Meetings
Road to Making a Difference
CCSGA Elections Information Session
September 11, 2014

1st and 3rd Tuesday of Every month
All members of SGA
Class Officer & Advisor Meeting
First week of every month.
Class Meetings
Allocations Committee
Elections Committee
Activities & Public Relations Committee
Executive Board
Vice President
Will take place in the SU Dining Hall @ 5pm
3-5 minutes MAX
Immediately following the speeches, there will be a rally so that all the candidates can campaign and meet and greet their classmates.
Second week of every month. The location, date, and time to be determined and reserve by group.
(Class officers and the class.)
Fourth Tuesday of Each Month
(Treasurers ONLY)
Second Tuesday of Every month @ 12:30
(Secretaries ONLY)
Second Tuesday of every month
(PR & Activites Officers ONLY)
The purpose of CCSGA is to serve as a voice for all students, facilitate communication between faculty, staff, and students; to create, review, and amend legislation and bylaw of the CCSGA constitution, and to support CCSGA and all campus activities and organizations.
Columbia College Student Government Association
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