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How to build your resume

presentation for English for workshop

Isra' Jayyousi

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of How to build your resume

How to Build Your Resume Definition of a resume : Why do you need a resume ? What is the real function of a resume ? How long does it take an employer or university to read your resume? Developing your resume Categorizing (divide into sections) Keep in mind ! Chronological resume Your resume’s goal is to allow you
to stand out! On average? About 30 seconds! Resumes are very cultural based!
Make sure you are aware of how resumes look
like in the country you are applying

Page or two Pages
Do I put a picture of myself?
Do I insert my date of birth? Brainstorm the information you want to
Divide in Categories (create headlines)
Sharpen (improve) your language
Format to make it look good
Review, Review, Review (and keep it updated) Inserting headings to simplify and make easy to
read Within each category you can chose to organize your information in a chronological or skilled based current 
Once upon a time A document used by individuals to present their background and skills , its usually followed by an interview
Resume  is usually shorter than CV. To apply for … Almost anything!
Conferences/ Special programs How do you do that? Make it interesting
Make it look good
Be concise
Personalize it to your target audience Who?
College Students
Recent Graduates

Education & Experience
Reverse Chronological Order
Standard and Typical

Less than 10 years experience
Should I list High School?

How Long? Working on structure and language Putting action verbs into sentences References Using language to impress Organizing your information in a structured way.
Example: Notes on your references Review , Review , Review ! Wrapping things up Using Action Verbs
Examples :
Achieved, Created,Organized,Communicated, Planned, Implemented,Established ,Promoted, Drafted, Built, Designed, Performed *Coordinated and supervised a group of six members.
*Wrote, designed, and edited a monthly newsletter averaging six pages in length.
*Ordered office supplies, answer three-line telephone and perform other clerical duties as assigned.
*Designed custom web pages for clients utilizing
Flash and Front Page and supervised a group of six Reference Ideas
• Past Employers and Co-Workers
• Professors
• Supervisors and Mentors
• Personal Include:
• Full Professional Name
• Title or Office, Organization
• Address, City, State, Zip Code
• Telephone Number
• Email Address make sure you ask your professor or employer that it is ok for them to be your reference
Pick people that know you well and trust you give a good excuse for an employer to throw out or ignore your resume
Spell-check (you can use Word or Google doc) , But Spell-checking is not enough!
It is a good idea to have your colleagues or a professor go over your resume Standout
Be concise
Look Professional Be Error Free Sample of a good resume Thanks for your attention ! you can find this presentation on the link below:
http://prezi.com/aeqnkxavrsbt/untitled-prezi/ conclusion A resume is a document used by individuals to present their background and skills

To write a good resume follow these steps
create headlines
Brainstorm the information you want to include
improve your language
Format to make it look good
Review and keep it updated

And during all that Make it interesting , looking good
Be concise and Personalize it to your target audience By Isra' Jayyousi
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