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No description

Andrew Hudson

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Email

How To Get Better Results From Your Email Email has transformed the way we communicate and share information Double-edged sword - one of the top ten causes of stress in the workplace Email traffic doubling every two years (Gartner) Ever had one of these?! A message that's easily misunderstood?
Overlong or rambling messages?
Messages that don't make sense? Perhaps you write them! Do you ever email or have you ever had an email from someone you can see? Medium of Email Still very new Explosive growth
Very different to what has gone on before BIG PROBLEM - NO RULES! Contrast with face to face communication... Over 50% of our message is transmitted through body language
Around 35% is transmitted through tone of voice
The remainder comes through the actual words we use! If we lose the face to face element (e.g. telephone) we lose over half our meaning! This leaves us with just words And that's only part of the story.... A garbled message, if you copy many different people in! Mnemonics! Intent
Spend a couple of seconds thinking about your email What are you trying to achieve? What do you want them to do? Medium
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