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Healthy eating VS junk food

Grade 6 health presentation

Ethan Lee

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Healthy eating VS junk food

Healthy food Junk food Q#1: What are the reasons we choose to maintain healthy eating? People want to maintain healthy eating because... #1: People want to be fit and in shape #2: many people eat healthy to avoid diseases and feel good about themselves Q#2: What are the healthy foods? Healthy food include: Fresh fruit and vegtables Healthy grains nutritious dairy products And a substainable amount of meat and alternatives Q#3:How big is a serving of food I LIKE CELERY!!! One serving of grain products would be about 1 slice of bread 30g of cold cereal or about 250 ml of cooked rice One serving of fresh fruits and vegtables would be 1 cup of raw lettuce or spinach or 250ml of frozen or canned fruits or vegtables And perhaps a piece of fresh fruit like a apple or a cup of fruit juice For dairy products, 1 cup of milk or soya beverage would count as a serving 175ml of yogurt would also count as a serving and finally 50 g of cheese 60 ml of nuts would be also equal to a serving and 175ml of tofu 1/2 a piece of bagel,pita or flat bread Question #4: What are the 4 food catagories? They are: Fruits and vegtables Milk and alternatives meat and alternatives Q#5:What are the recommended servings? Q#6:What are the challenges to choose healthy eating? You may not like the taste of it It is very tempting to eat junk food due to many tempting commercials like this one: Now for meat and alternatives, 1 seving of that would be 125ml of cooked fish, shellfish poultry or lean meat After talking about so much healthy stuff, lets take a look at some foods we should avoid like: Candy Deep fried things Mc Donalds, KFC, Pizza hut... chips And finally... Grain products so do 2 eggs I WANT TO EAT EGGS!!! Thank you for listening to our presentation! And remember to eat healthy or you'll look like this... Hello! Some healthy foods we should eat are And.....
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