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Young Bapa

Bapa Young

Neil Patel

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Young Bapa

Birth Shantilal and Shantilal Sadhu Young BAPA sHANTILAL -12/7/1921
-Small town, Chansad
-With in a few days... -Best Friends
-After school go home and do hw then listen to
-Other kids would play outside
-He learned about Ramayana and Mahabharata
-He told his friend after you finish your studies
we will go to the mandir -The kid gave him a letter
-The letter was from Shastriji Maharaj saying it was
time to become a sadu
-packed up and sat on a bike, in the back sat Ravji-kid
-a little while later Shantilal stopped and turned back
-He had forgotten his puja Motibhai took Shantilal to meet Shastriji Maharaj 6 Years Old did Ekadashi, farar=no grain
No one made farar food
Began to cry
Chottabhai asked, "Why are you crying?"
"Let me do Ekadashi" Cricket -When bapa was young all of the kids use to play cricket
-the kids use to borrow a bat and a ball from a kid named Ramlal
-Decided to buy their own
-Needed money
Needed somone to go all the way to Baroda to get it
-Shantilal said if his friend Shankarlal came then he would go
-they were just about leave when a kid came running to Shantilal...
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