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Max Keller Lighting Designer

No description

Whitley Chafin

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Max Keller Lighting Designer

Whitley's Take Aways... ~Started his career in the community theater in his hometown of Basel, Switzerland.
~Actually introduced the professoin of lighting design in 1975 in Germany.
~His first job was at the Munich Chamber Theater
~He not only lights theater but installations for architectural companies, shaping the lighting industry.
~He wrote "Light Fantastic: The Art and Design of Stage Lighting"
~He has won awards including the Golden Pen Award from the Institute of Theater Technology, and an Outstanding Academic Source from Choice Magazine. Who is Max Keller? ~Focuses on scientific knowledge and applying that to a lighting piece
~Provides inspiration and education to professionals and nonprofessionals alike
~Keller discusses the natural light phenomena, the history of lighting in theater, and Goethe's and Runge's research on color.
~Color, technicality, focusing on landscapes, and adding comprehensive and lucid elements to the stage. "Lighting Fantastic" Inspiration? YouTube Video Why do I care? ~He uses the a pictorial language to tell a story within lights that reflects the emotions of script language.
~Using light to pain the stage, in his book he uses a lot of natural light sources from paintings for inspiration (pg. 52)
~The use of fog to see the full beam of the light from the cover example
~Using color in light more on the backdrop verses to see people, a lot of white light directly on the actor's face
~Really talks about lighting to see the movement of dancers, verses the emotions of a play, "we don't have to see to feel..." After looking thru and reading Lighting Fantastic I can the difference between operas, ballets, theater and concerts. Why they need to be different and why evoking emotions and behaviors is difference in all four. I'd love to start using fog, or strong beams in some of my work. I think it is important to not only focus on natural light like Jennifer Tipton promotes but also creating experience within Theater. The lights pull you in, create atmosphere and develop your emotional connects to characters. Lighting Designer, Author, Professor
and Installation Designer Max Keller By: Whitley Chafin Book Pages
*31 (blue wash with red woman)
*61 (three different horizons)
*121 (depth focus in black)
*131 (beams with central void source)
*200 (concert 2 page spread)
*209 (hanging house opera)
*217-220 (contrast of ballet to theater, mood verses visuals)
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