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Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn

No description

Gone Girl

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn
Alli H., Ross W., Saskia F., Annette H.

About the Characters
Nick is a charming, charismatic man with handsome dark hair, piercing eyes, and a killer smile. Throughout his whole life, he had many hardships but tried his best to be friendly and liked by everyone. After losing his job, he deteriorated very quickly. He became extremely messy, dark, depressed,and lazy. Through the novel the reader can see Nick's internal struggle with himself between his original charming self and newly surfaced dark side. Now the reader has to decipher for themselves: Is his dark side that much stronger than his friendly side?
About the Author:
Gillian Flynn is the brilliant author of the heart racing book
Gone Girl
which was published in 2012. Flynn, the daughter of two community- college professors, was born in Kansas City, Missouri. From a very young age she was influenced to read and watch movies.
Bonnie and Clyde
are two films who's themes influenced her writing of
Gone Girl.
Her experience as a writer in the magazine, Entertainment Weekly, is portrayed in the book through Nick and Amy's loss of their jobs due to the recession of paper news. In an interview with Waterstone Book Club, Flynn reveals the true meaning of the book stating that she wants people to not only read it for the deep mystery but also to realize their own human nature and think about their relationships with people. Flynn's experiences and superb writing skills make the book Gone Girl relatable to everyone by perfectly portraying relationships and the thoughts and feelings of both men and women.
Gillian Flynn's novel
Gone Gir
l is a heart racing literary ride that chronicles the dysfunctional marriage of Nick and Amy Dunne. Amy's diary entries illustrate her sociopath and self destructive personality while Nick narrates the account of Amy's disappearance with little regard for the truth surrounding their relationship. This book casts a dark light on a marriage that appears perfect from the outside, but is everything but that. Nick has a sect life, Amy has a diabolical plan, ad each unfolds page after page as everyone is wondering what happened to Amy. Nick looks to be the obvious suspect in the disappearance of his wife. But is he a murderer or victim?
A rich beautiful woman with blonde hair, who on the exterior seems to be laid back, caring and mostly thinks of others before herself. She seems to be the perfect wife, but is there something else there. She is known for analyzing the world in quizzes due to her past job of making quizzes for a magazine. Since she was a true New Yorker, she was not happy having to move to a small town in Missouri, where she would have nothing awaiting her. Amy has also been known to be manipulative and difficult towards to her husband, What side is real?
The main theme of Gillian Flynn's novel Gone Girl is dishonesty. This character trait runs deep in both Nick and Amy. Early in the novel Nick does not appear to be dishonest., but you see glimpses into his dishonesty when he reflects on his childhood. His sister Go recalls he always had trouble telling the truth. His dishonesty is evident throughout the entire investigation after his wife disappeared. He continues telling lies and being dishonest through during questioning, but Nick might have more to his problem than these lies. Amy was also deceitful throughout the book. She easily manipulated, and told lies to everyone around her. In fact, her life was building upon lie after lie. These two characters are going to live under a false reality built on lies and infidelity. Dishonesty is clearly evident from start to finish as the major theme of this novel.
Here's a little sneak peak:
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