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Is Disney a Bad Influence on Little Kids?

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Fran Dubuisson

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Is Disney a Bad Influence on Little Kids?

Is Disney a Bad Influence on Little Kids?
My thesis:

Is Disney a bad a Bad influence for little kids?

Extreme Thinness
Ugliness is immoral; Beauty is moral
Disney also promotes that ugliness is immoral; beauty is moral.
Every villian has the "Big Three" characteristics: fat (Ursula in "The Little Mermaid"), old (The Old Women in "Snow White") or hideously ugly (The Ugly Stepsisters in Cinderella").
Disney teaches that attractiveness is synonymous with both morality and happiness
University of Central Florida found that 50% of 3-to-6 year old girls worry they are fat.
Satanic Imagery
In the movies like "Hercules" and "Beauty and the Beast" use satanic imagery.
For example, the Beast in the "Beauty and the Beast", is portrayed as a horned creature with fangs; this creature resembles a traditional image of Lucifer.
The demon that helps Hercules (I don't know his name) is also displayed in this form with horns and cloven-feet.
Everything is Fluffy
Every Disney movie ends with a happy. It isn't realistic. For example, little girls may think they are going to grow up and have a prince to marry but that doesn't happen all the time.
Happy Endings?
Every "happy end" involves the princesses getting the prince they have so called fallen in love with.
These Disney movies are telling young girls that they need a man according to have a happy ending but that's not true.
In Conclusion
I think Disney is a bad influence on little kids because they send bad messages and teaches bad morals. Nothing's wrong with watching Disney movie as long as you know the differences between right and wrong.

Prezi By Francelle Dubuisson
Disney is a bad influence because.....

Extreme Thinness
Hidden Messages
Sexual Harassment is Acceptable
Importance of Social Status
Ugliness is immoral; beauty is moral
Satanic Imagery
Everything is Fluffy
Racial Stereotypes
Disney princesses or women are portrayed as slender or thin to increase their attractiveness
For example, Meg from Hercules has a waist size that's impossible for an average
The Little Mermaid
Snow White
Beauty and the Beast
A quote the spoke out to me
I've noticed changes in the way my 3 year old daughter played. She stopped running and jumping an insisted on wearing dresses. She waited quietly on the steps for her "prince" to come. She less interested in the world.
- Mary Finucane
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