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Prototype and Test by Ivy Huynh

Prototype and Test Ideation Journey of Mrs.Uyen by Ivy Huynh

Ivy Huynh

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Prototype and Test by Ivy Huynh

Name : Mrs.Uyen
Step 2
Test the prototype and capture the feedback
Step 1
Prototype of ideation for building a leisure park on the Moon
Step 1
Choose ideas and create prototypes
Step 1
Prototype of Ideation for becoming the
Prime Minister
Budget for building a leisure park on the Moon
Worked freelance as a Senior Environment Advisor
Become a Prime Minister
Building a leisure park on the Moon
Become a Prime Minsiter
Building a leisure park on the Moon
Three ideas in her Ideation Journey
Problem Statement
33 year-old woman
Getting married
Has a 7-year-old boy
Got MA of Environment for 4 years
This is my objective. It explains my goals and why I would make such an awesome person.
"I want to find a new challenge job so I have an opportunity to change my life"
A video for my dream
I want to become the first female Prime Minister

What could be improved
+ What worked
Stakeholder's problem statement has conveyed effectively and inspired the testers
Plans of stakeholder's ideation are detailed and reflected on her deep thinking and well preparation.
Social attitudes towards women
Actions of running for election to the Prime Minister
A certificate of building a leisure park on the Moon
Supporting from family, friends and relatives when one of members to become a politician.
Elaborate the role between a housewife and an employee
Sharing a role in family between a husband and a wife
How to make ideas become true. The feasible scheme of ideation.
Testers understood easily and clearly for stakeholder's ideation by watching a video.

A plan for help disable people
Testing 2 testers and received their feedback
Be a model of typical women in the modern life
Try to make equal rights between men and women at home and in the workplace
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