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Take Responsibility

Introduction of yearly goals and classroom etiquette - 1 month in and after 1st unit test.

Benjamin Cottingham

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Take Responsibility

Taking Responsibility End of Year Goals Our Current Situation Unit 1: Test Class by Class Test Breakdown Takeaways Positives
Success is achievable.
Everyone has room for improvement.
Your peers are a resource.
There is time to improve. Negatives
Poor overall grades
EOIs, ACTs, Graduation and Your Future Why does it matter? Why? EOI Graduation Your Future ACT Goal Over the past 4 years John Marshall has had an average passing rate of 47.25% on the Biology EOI.

2009 - 32%
2010 - 48%
2011 - 58%
2012 - 51%

The Oklahoma City Public School District has had a passing rate of 65% in 2012 compared to 51% at JMHS.
100% of Biology students pass their EOI this April. This is achievable. At John Marshall HS a student must pass 4 of 7 EOI courses in order to graduate.

These courses are:
Algebra I and English II (required)
Biology, Geometry, Algebra II, English III, and US History (at least 2) You must have Biology and credit for 3 units of other science courses in order to graduate.

Not passing your science course this year can prevent you from graduating on time. 100% of you will graduate from High School. A test with 1/3 of the material coming from math and science. Scores determine entrance into college.

Only 25% of Oklahoma HS graduates tested as ready for college science courses. Compared to 35% nationally and 45% in NY.
Oklahoma 8th grade science test scores rank 41 out of 50 compared to all other US States.

There is ground to make up.
You will be competing with students in Oklahoma, across the US, and Internationally for jobs and college placement.

Your preparation to succeed begins now.


100% of you by the end of the year will have contacted a College, University, or Post-Graduate Employer. Accountability, Attitudes, and Work Ethic What has to change? Accountability Responsibility for ones own actions and grades.

Understanding your affect on your classmates and their success. Attitudes Your perception of and feelings about a topic.

The attitude you carry into classroom affects your performance and that of other students.

We need to work towards making a productive and engaging classroom environment. This is a step towards success. Work Ethic Doing work is necessary to reach the goals we have set in this class.

Completing all assignments and taking them home if not finished in class.

Making up missing assignments. Goal This is YOUR time.

It is YOUR potential.

It is YOUR future.

Take Responsibility. Taking Responsibility End of Year Goals Classes will achieve 80% mastery on all quizzes and tests.
100% of students will pass EOI testing or Finals given for the course.
Students understand and utilize the power they have to affect positive change in their own lives and those of others around them.
Classes will continue to work hard each day pushing themselves to achieve their goals. What other goals can we set for ourselves? Must retake the test until you have earned at least a 70.
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