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Copy of Ancient Civilization of meso-ameraca

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mara roloson

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Ancient Civilization of meso-ameraca

Science / Math
All of the groups grow corn, but they all did not grow beans and squash, also they all were really good at farming.

Ancient Civilization of Meso-America
November, 22, 2016
Social Organization
All of the groups settled in Mexico, they all had towns, cities and villages. But the Mayas were the only ones that hunt.
The Mayans wore fancy clothes, such as gold jewelry and skins of jaguars. The most important job they had was to organize and mantain relationships with the gods.
The Olmecs they played ball games.
The Aztecs temple myths and legends Worshiped God's paid tributes and had powerful military humans sacrificed to feed the gods.

The Mayan used number system based on 20 (and, to some number, base on 5), probably originally developed from counting on fingers and toes.
Island Cannulas were smart enough to think about a sewer.
Aqueducts( to carry fresh water)- Sewers- (Carries waste away), that keep them to have good roads.
The Aztecs wrote about themselves in books, and books with picture symbols. The Mayans used sign and symbols and record history about their king. The Olmecs Calendars were called
Gifes. Gifes are : (pictures that represents words) They also made Pottery and Weaved.
The (JADE)
A green stone. Dark green stone, trade was very important to them, more than war.
The Maya had
Markets they, (traded with other groups) they mainly sold (Corn, Beans and Squash.)

The Aztecs had market places and trades, barter for weaving, taxes tribute trading, they exported jewelry and garnets also lake salt, ceramic goods, rubber animals skins and jade drums.

The Aztecs they had drums and played music. The Olmecs were very good at farming and they were very good at making pottery and weaving. The Maya made sculptors and painted Symbols.

Thank You For Watching
I Had Fun Sharing This With You
Mara Roloson

Teacher: Mrs. Crane
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