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This is Google Student Ambassador

No description

Shafraz Rahim

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of This is Google Student Ambassador

by Shafraz Rahim
Life as a
Google Student Ambassador
Three Things
What did I manage to do?
Best Things Happened
Life Lessons
15 Google Events
Student Empowerment 2x - NIBM
Gone Google - NIBM (Kandy, Kurunegala and Galle)
Community Engagements - MapMaker, GDG and GBG
Weeks of Empowerment
Google Search Week [Speaker]
Google Apps for Education Week
Top 6th Google Student Ambassador of the region (Q1)
Organizer of the Sri Lanka's first ever university MapUp
Dialog Axiata hired me for Ideamart project
Meeting of Chris DiBona and GSOC Program Managers
Mentoring got from Rohan
Work closely with Google and Googlers
Opportunitunity to work with MapMakers, GBG and GDG
Opportunity work with a multi-talented SL GSA team
Proper practice prevents poor performance
You need connections
Know human psychology
A good team matters
Know marketing
Know art of delegation
Be a man of purpose
One focused action would take you to your goal than hundred useless words
Trust everyone till you dont have to trust them again
You dont need a title to lead
Next Speaker
Ranindu Lankage
Thank You
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